Creating a global strategy for a company is a very complex and delicate process. One of the most complex aspects is certainly the communicative one. In fact, marketing is key to a company’s success and the most direct instrument to get acquainted with in the shortest possible time. In a process aimed at conquering international markets, it is vital that a company’s marketing and advertising translations are not only precise and accurate, but also attentive to the target audience. An advertising strategy tailored to the country of origin should be entirely adapted to the country you are hoping to target. A task that requires extreme attention, but also a lot of creativity, as well as skills in the translation and digital marketing sectors.

The importance of advertising translations

The effectiveness of an advertising message is based on knowledge of the culture and social and cultural context of the country of reference. In the absence of in-depth knowledge, an advertising translator will not be able to carry out his or her job effectively. The true goal, when translating advertisements, rather than simply translating the original text, is to convey the original message’s intent in another language. Often this can, and must, involve words with a completely different meaning to those in the source text. Consider, for example, a slogan that uses a play on words or a metaphor that doesn’t effectively transfer into the target language: a literal translation would be entirely inadequate. The translator must find an expression in the target language that is “equivalent” to that of the source text while being completely different. Carrying out this sort of task requires the use of mother tongue translators with full knowledge of both the cultures involved in the process.

At Eurotrad, we promise versatile translations and tailored services

One of our main strengths lies in our varied network of mother tongue translators, located all over the world, and experts in a very wide variety of disciplines. Thanks to their professionalism, we are able to provide online marketing, professional commercial and advertising translation services, but most importantly, a service that is tailored to our customers.

We have been operating as a marketing translation agency for over 20 years and are convinced that customising our services allows for the best results. This is why we make sure to chat with customers in order to fully understand their needs and the intentions of their advertisements. In addition to this, we can also create advertising texts directly in the language of your choice, based on your guidance. We also analyse the platform you have chosen for your advertisement, such as slogans, promotional texts, leaflets, brochures, company pages on websites and social media. Each platform has a different target, which varies from country to country. Thanks to our experience, we are able to advise and guide you in choosing the one most suited to your target audience and the country your marketing campaign is hoping to reach.

Our goal is to provide you with tailored marketing translations, able to convey your message in the best possible way without losing sight of your original intentions.

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