The best way to market your brand abroad

The spirit of a company lies entirely in its products and services, which is why it’s vital that marketing translations convey the company’s philosophy, preserving the integrity of the message the business wishes to get across. In order to ensure brand identity is not lost, international advertisements must capture the nuances of the original message in order to convey it as effectively as possible in the target language.

It’s also worth noting that in order to provide a truly high-quality marketing translation service, the platform on which the message is to be conveyed must also be taken into account. When it comes to translating brochures that advertise a service, a different style is required compared to product advertising labels. The two communication tools have different objectives and often also different target audiences.

Getting to know the dynamics of the target advertisement sector

Good marketing campaigns often involve label, brochure and newsletter translations, as well as websites, social media content and posters in other languages. Regardless of the channel through which the message is to be conveyed, the thing that matters the most is doing so with care, in order to ensure that the advertisement’s original message remains unaltered. In order to so, we rely on mother tongue professionals who can both translate advertising content correctly while preserving its original integrity.

At Eurotrad, we don’t limit ourselves to the simple act of translation. First of all, we discuss the content’s end purpose, analysing the customer’s intent, products and target audience. Social media tasks should not be approached in the same way as eCommerce, website or newsletter translation services. Each area involves a specific set of rules, which must be known and understood in order to guarantee impeccable quality.

A personalised customer-focused approach

It’s only by fully understanding customer needs that can we ensure the best output. Understanding our customers is essential, and exchanging opinions is invaluable when processing content. We offer a personalised customer-focused approach according to individual translation needs.

A competent and specialised team

Depending on the language combinations required, we select the most suitable mother tongue translator for the job. Although this is a vital step, translating content is not the only phase involved in the international marketing translation process.

In fact, once a text has been translated into another language, grammar must be perfect and, if necessary, text should be carefully laid out on the page. That’s why Eurotrad, a marketing translation agency, boasts a team of professional in-house proofreaders and graphic designers who can ensure the highest quality and effectiveness of your content.

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