Localising and translating apps and software is the best way to make them accessible in other countries

The rise of the digital and computer sectors is unstoppable. Throughout much of the world, the use of internet and technological tools of all kinds, although in different ways and at different levels, is essential. Companies in this sector are therefore increasingly involved in the creation of apps and software for different purposes. Very often, when users are choosing between multiple applications with similar functions, a deciding factor will be the option to download the app in their own language. That’s why companies interested in offering language options are more likely to get a positive response from the market. In light of these new trends, Eurotrad offers a specific software and app localisation and translation service, keeping up to date with developments in order to remain competitive and offer impeccable translations both from a linguistic and technical point of view.

Translating and localising apps and software: a complex and multifaceted task

Translating apps and software is a complex task that requires the combination of numerous skills, going beyond perfect knowledge of the two languages involved. A simple translation, in fact, will not suffice. What’s also needed is app and software localisation in order to ensure the content and its interface are perfectly usable by users from different geographical areas.

In addition to knowledge of the target language and market, in order to translate an app perfectly, specific technical skills are required, depending on the type of application or software involved. Apps also cover a very diverse range of sectors: from tourism to finance, health, information and even video games. That’s why app translators must also have knowledge of the specific sector terminology involved. Thanks to our experience, we know that, due to their complexity, this type of translation is only achieved by skilfully choosing the right mother tongue translator.

Our strengths: specialised translators, punctuality and competitive prices

Our first step when going about app translation services, is to accurately screen the text to be translated in order to fully understand the sector of reference, the technical skills required and any additional requests. Only after this initial assessment do we proceed to choose the translator best suited to your specific needs, selecting a professional from the many mother tongue translators in our network. This phase, despite its delicacy and complexity, is carried out quickly and effectively. In fact, we have created a very efficient process that allows us to optimise resources and reduce time without penalising the quality of our translations.

Once the appropriate translator has been identified, a project manager monitors the entire translation and localisation process, handling any staggered deliveries agreed with you. Our in-house team is at your disposal at any time for any clarifications and our work only ends when we have received your final approval. For over 20 years, our goal has been to offer a service that can adapt to customer needs, ensuring impeccable translations with quick turnaround times at low prices.

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