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come scrivere una mail in francese EurotradServices

How to write a business email in French

When it comes to writing a business email in French, it is essential to start with the basics. In French, email is referred to as courriel, a combination of courrier (mail) and électronique (electronic). While you can also use the term e-mail, as is common in the rest of Europe,…
invest in canada EurotradServices

How to invest in Canada with your company

Opening a business in Canada and expanding internationally can be a winning choice. With its stable economy, highly skilled workforce and investment-friendly policies, Canada is an attractive destination for companies looking to expand their business horizons. In this article, you will learn how to invest in Canada and find some…
data annotation EurotradServices

Data Annotation: what it is and difference with Data Labeling

Artificial Intelligence would not exist without training in the use and identification of data and patterns. The ability of machines to acquire information automatically is directly linked to the way data is entered and labelled. Data Annotation plays a key role in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning,…

How to write a business English email

For decades now, email communication has established itself as an essential tool for relationships in the business world. Learning how to write an email in English may seem a tricky task for non-native speakers. Faced with endless formal rules that set veritable codes on how to begin and end a…
how to translate a movie EurotradServices

How to translate a movie professionally?

Translating a movie from a foreign language into Italian is not something you can learn to do overnight. Movie language translation is a complex art that requires a combination of linguistic, cultural and technical skills that only professional language translators for movies can guarantee. It is not just a matter…
english sayings EurotradCuriosities

English sayings and common phrases

English, in both its British and American variants, is full of sayings and catchphrases that can seem cryptic to non-native speakers. Sayings are often rooted in a country's culture and linguistics, and understanding them can open up a new window into the mindset and culture of its population. Sometimes, when…
Che lingua si parla in India EurotradCuriosities

What Language Do They Speak in India? The Most Spoken Languages

India, with its population exceeding one billion people, boasts a rich heritage of languages, dialects, and cultures. The linguistic composition becomes even more diverse when we consider the entire Indian subcontinent, encompassing countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives.Each nation within this subcontinent possesses its…
investing in china -eurotradServices

How to Invest in China With Your Company

In today's increasingly globalised world, China stands out as one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing economies. With a staggering population of over a billion consumers and a continuously expanding market, seizing the opportunity to invest in China with your company is an unmissable opportunity. However, entering the Chinese…
translation of financial statements - EurotradServices

Why is it so important to translate financial statements?

In today's global market, companies striving for competitiveness must standardise financial statements prepared based on their origin country's regulations. This necessity has significantly increased with the growing demand for translated financial statements and official documents. These translations make the company's status understandable and provide clear information to attract foreign investors…
traduzione dispositivi medici - EurotradServices

What are the requirements for medical device translations?

When it comes to translating documentation and materials related to medical devices, precision and expertise are paramount. This intricate process demands accuracy and compliance with regulations, as errors or inaccuracies can have severe consequences. By adhering to the requirements outlined below, we can ensure high-quality translations that align with current…
artificial intelligence and translation EurotradServices

What will the future of AI in the translation industry look like?

Every innovation, no matter how captivating, comes with a sense of uncertainty and apprehension. This holds true when new advancements enter the world of work, promising improvements while raising doubts. The same is happening with artificial intelligence, which is driving significant transformations across various sectors—including translation. While AI undeniably offers…
interpreter salary EurotradServices

What is an interpreter’s salary?

In today's blog post, we focus on a profession that demands a remarkable level of linguistic competence and communication skills: that of an interpreter. As a communication professional, interpreters play a fundamental role in our increasingly interconnected world. Their skills are crucial across various contexts, ranging from international conferences to…
english sentences EurotradCuriosities

Beautiful, simple English sentences for daily use

English is an expressive and versatile language, capable of conveying a wide array of emotions and ideas in just a few words. A single sentence in English can hold power, evoke emotions, inspire, motivate, and provoke deep thoughts. This is exemplified by several short and sweet English sentences that have…
fashion document translations EurotradServices

How to do effective translations for the fashion and luxury sector

The fashion and luxury sectors are two multifaceted universes that sometimes merge and interact with each other, always requiring high-level communication. When conveying messages in a new language, the challenge becomes even greater. Translating for the fashion industry involves more than just transposing words; it requires translators to convey the…
wine document translations EurotradServices

Translations for the Food and Wine Sector

The Italian food and wine sector reaches far beyond its national borders, connecting producers, restaurateurs, sommeliers, and enthusiasts worldwide. Professional specialised translations assume a fundamental role within this context, facilitating communication and fostering understanding across a range of cultures. Translations for the food and wine sector serve as essential tools…
translation app EurotradServices

Best translation apps: some tips

In an increasingly globalised world, effective communication in different languages is essential. Text translation apps can serve as useful tools to overcome language barriers. However, it is crucial to recognise their limitations and know when to turn to specialised professionals. Identifying the best apps for translation and knowing when human…
us export regulations | EurotradServices

Tips for Exporting to the United States

Italy's reputation for quality products spanning fashion, food, design, and art has gained global recognition. Understanding how to export these products to the United States presents a highly lucrative business opportunity. However, it is a venture that comes with its challenges, demanding a thorough understanding of export rules and procedures.…
traduzioni per il turismo EurotradServices

Mastering Translations for the Tourism Industry

As globalisation continues to shape the world, the tourism sector is experiencing remarkable international growth. Tour operators, hotels, and other hospitality businesses must now effectively connect with a diverse global audience. In light of this reality, the utilisation of professional translation services in the tourism industry has become imperative. By…
marketing translation EurotradServices

How to translate advertisements effectively

Translating advertising materials is an art that requires not only linguistic expertise but also a deep understanding of the target market's culture and consumer behaviours. This process, known as localisation, goes beyond literal translation, aiming to adapt the advertising message to resonate with a specific audience.To ensure effective translations that…
traduzioni divertenti EurotradCuriosities

The Most Hilarious and Absurd Translations in Spanish

Within the realm of translations, it is far more common than one would imagine to encounter unusual linguistic interpretations that lead to some very funny translations. This often occurs when translating film titles and TV series into Spanish. Particularly when it comes to English source material, there is no shortage…
translation for companies EurotradServices

Translations and Companies: the Value of Choosing Professionals

In the global market, companies face ever-evolving and complex challenges. To remain competitive, nothing can be left to chance or improvisation, especially in the realms of marketing and communication. As a result, the meticulous adaptation of corporate content for an international audience is vital. Business translation services present a valuable…
What language is spoken in Germany - EurotradCuriosities

What language is spoken in Germany along with German?

The linguistic configuration of Germany is very complex, as the country has numerous regional languages with various sub-variants, but also a large number of foreign languages imported by large immigrant communities. What language is spoken in Germany? The most widely spoken (and official) language in Germany is German, the national…
translation and adaptation - EurotradServices

What is the difference between adaptation and translation?

The adaptation and the translation of a text are two very similar yet at the same time different operations. Each one serves a very specific purpose. What is linguistic adaptation? Linguistic adaptation is an operation that makes a piece of text fully usable within a given culture. The starting point…
Difference mediator and interpreter - EurotradServices

What is the difference between a mediator and an interpreter?

A language mediator is also an interpreter, but his or her function is broader, as is his/her training, which extends further beyond the linguistic field. The mediator is familiar with the cultures he or she 'mediates' between and is capable of making them understand each other. What is the role…
wine translation services - EurotradServices

Wine translation services: why they are important

Translation for the wine sector, and for the food and wine sector in general, is one of the most complex types of all. It is a type of translation that must perfectly and harmoniously combine the extremely technical terms needed to identify the characteristics of the wine, and the evocative…
Translations for entertainment sector EurotradServices

Translations for the entertainment and communications sector

There are several reasons why entertainment industry translations can come in handy for industries and professionals. The entertainment industry is international by nature and often distributes content in countries where different languages are spoken.If your company specialises in the entertainment industry and does international business, this blog post may help…
automotive translation services EurotradServices

Automotive translation services: how it works and difficulties

Automotive sector translations fall within the field of technical translation. In today's globalised marketplace, the car industry depends heavily on suppliers and international partners for the design, assembly, and sale of their vehicles.As a result, the sector often needs to have documents, websites, and other types of content translated from…
medical translation services EurotradServices

Medical translations: in which sectors are they needed?

Medical translations are a particularly tricky translation service due to the subject matter involved. Professional medical translations are predominantly sought by professionals and companies operating in the medical sector. This includes industries involved in the production of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, as well as technology companies producing healthcare software and…
wellness translation EurotradServices

Translation for the fitness & wellness sector: who is it for?

Translation services for the wellness sector are in high demand, as many companies in the industry require translations to make their content accessible to international customers. From wellness centres and spas to companies that sell cosmetics and body care products in different countries, a wide range of businesses can benefit…
Differenze tra cinese e giapponese EurotradCuriosities

What is the difference between Japanese and Chinese?

People often think that Chinese and Japanese have a lot in common. However, they are not as similar as you might think. Here are some of the differences and similarities between the two languages, plus some interesting facts to boot. What are the differences between Chinese and Japanese? The first…
marketing translationsServices

Marketing translations: advantages and when they are needed

Marketing translations are an essential tool for companies operating in the international market as they capture the attention of potential customers from diverse cultural backgrounds, communicating company values and making the unique features of new products known to foreign markets. Benefits of multilingual content marketing Marketing texts (and their translation)…
francophone countriesCuriosities

What are the francophone countries in the world?

French is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. As a result, there are several French-speaking countries. Historically linked to France’s colonial expansion, these countries have made  French their own, resulting in numerous localised variants of the language. What does the word ‘Francophonie’ mean? The word ‘Francophonie’…
multilingual email marketingServices

Multilingual E-mail Marketing: how to do it and its advantages

Email marketing is a tool that companies can use to expand their pool of potential customers. It allows you to reach new users or retain current customers by sending emails. Marketing emails serve various purposes, such as promoting products and services, sharing special promotions, and more. A well-executed email marketing…
marketing and advertising translationServices

What is the journalistic translation, and who should you contact to do it

Journalistic translation involves writing (online or printed) articles in another language. Here is everything you need to know about journalistic translations, the main difficulties involved, and our advice on producing high-quality newspaper translations in all main language combinations. What is journalistic translation? As its name suggests, journalistic translation involves the…
scientific articles translation EurotradServices

Translation of scientific articles: what it is and whom to contact?

Translating scientific and technical articles plays a critical role in sharing knowledge within and beyond the scientific community. It also facilitates access to groundbreaking research conducted in other parts of the world, promoting cross-border collaboration among researchers. Like other types of specialised translation, translating scientific texts involves a unique set…
logistics translationsServices

Logistics and transport sector translations

The logistics sector has expanded significantly in recent decades, mainly thanks to the launch and consolidation of the European single market and the growth of international trade.By its very nature, the logistics and transport sector is linked to several other areas, including the technical and legal fields. Suppose a company…
energy translationsServices

Energy sector translations: how to do them?

Energy sector translations are increasingly in demand. This is partly due to the historical events occurring at this moment in time. Climate change and the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war have catalysed the attention paid by the general public (and companies) to the energy sector, the production of sustainable energy, and rising…
literary translationServices

Literary translations: meaning and types

Literary translators translate literary texts (prose or verse). This is a tricky type of translation because, although it is not always technical, it must faithfully convey the source text's meaning, figures of speech, rhythm, and style. Let’s take a closer look at the different types and characteristics of literary translation…
difference between german and austrianCuriosities

What is the difference between German and Austrian?

The difference between German and Austrian is primarily formal. Both are recognised as languages in their own right and have significant phonetic discrepancies. The languages spoken in Austria and Switzerland are based on German. Austrian, German, and Swiss have shared roots.This means that: Austrians and the Swiss can understand Germans…
how to become online translatorServices

How to become an online translator: the complete guide

The work of online translators is one the most promising frontiers when it comes to the digitisation of professions related to producing and processing written texts. Online translators are professionals who interact directly with end customers and collaborate with translation agencies. The work of online translators The work of online…
website translationServices

Translation of a website for tourism: what to pay attention to?

Websites intended for the tourism industry present translators with several challenges. The reason for this is that the tourism sector has ties to several other industries and fields. Website texts intended for the tourism industry are often illustrative and persuasive and also abide by the technical rules for writing online…
brochure translationServices

Professional brochure translation: why it matters

A brochure is a booklet containing pages in multiples of four that individuals and businesses use to provide information on a product, company, or event. To ensure an international audience can understand your documents, you need to have your brochures translated. Here is everything you need to know about brochures…
software localisationServices

The three key areas for software localisation

Localising software programs is vital for companies that sell products and services online in multiple countries or that need to internationalise their corporate IT services so that users can access them worldwide. Localisation is a complex process that involves translating texts and individual software components (such as buttons and back-end…
sports translationsServices

Sports translations: how to do them and advantages

Italy’s sports industry uses a lot of loan words. The most popular sports in Italy (football, volleyball, and tennis) use a plethora of non-Italian words, including the likes of ‘mister’ and ‘goal’ in football, ‘smash’ and ‘volley’ in tennis, and ‘set’ and ‘time-out’ in volleyball. Due to the heavy reliance…
product description translationServices

Product description translation: what are the advantages?

Translating product descriptions for Amazon is essential for all retailers who want to sell their merchandise to international customers via the platform. Due to its global scale, texts written for Amazon must be accompanied by professional translations if retailers want to directly reach as many customers as possible. The domain…
real estate translation servicesServices

Real estate translation services

Translations for the property sector are defined as specialised translations. The property sector produces a wide range of documents, from rental contracts to feasibility studies and files accompanying building projects. Translated texts for the real estate sector span several sectors, can vary greatly, and often use sector-specific language. In light…
native translatorServices

Native translator: why should you choose him?

Mother-tongue translators can make all the difference to your international company's document translation activities.  Relying on a professional who speaks the target language fluently will mean that your texts remain unchanged and can be understood by a wider audience. What counts as a mother-tongue translator? A mother-tongue translator is a…
how to increase e-commerce salesServices

How to grow your online sales during promotional periods

Online store sales have increased exponentially in recent years, thanks primarily to the COVID-19 lockdowns, when it was impossible to visit stores in person. During the summer and winter promotional periods, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Christmas period, online sales and profits tend to be more concentrated. How to…
arabic dialectsCuriosities

How many Arabic dialects and what varieties exist?

There is no such thing as a definitive Arabic language. Like many other languages, Arabic is very fragmented from a geographical perspective and has been spoken in several countries for a very long time. This means that it is now possible to identify different forms of Arabic, ranging from classical…
neural machine translationServices

Neural machine translation: definition and disadvantages

Neural machine translation represents the latest evolution of “traditional” machine translation systems. The first examples of machine translation date to the 1950s; people started using neural translation systems in the 2000s. What is neural machine translation? Neural machine translation is a software-based translation system that uses a network of synthetic…
computer assisted translationServices

What a Computer Assisted Translation is and what tools are used

Assisted translation is often confused with machine translation, but it does a very different thing. But what’s causing this confusion? Why should assisted translation be considered a vital resource? Assisted translation: a definition Assisted translation is a form of translation that use sophisticated software programmes to speed up and facilitate…
difference between catalan and spanishCuriosities

What is the difference between Catalan and Spanish?

The main differences between Spanish and Catalan are lexical. Still, these two languages have lots in common, so much so that they are often mixed up or considered dialects of each other. So, what is there to know about the historical, geographical, and cultural differences between these two languages? Spanish…
grid layoutServices

What is a grid layout and what is it used for?

Why are printed texts laid out in specific ways? And why is the column format the most commonly used for laying out text on a page? The answer to all of these questions has to do with page layouts. What is a page layout? A page layout is a system…
how to become a game translatorServices

How to become a professional video game translator

A video game translator is a professional translator with specific skills and a passion for gaming. But how does the job of a traditional translator differ from that of a video game translator? What does a video game translator do? Video game translators have the (tricky) task of making video…
strategie di traduzioneServices

The best translation techniques

Translation techniques are approaches to translating texts that can profoundly influence the final result. Translators usually choose the best method for the job based on the distance or proximity of the target and source languages. How to effectively translate texts from Italian to English English and Italian are two very…
traduzione simultaneaServices

What is simultaneous interpreting and how does it work?

Simultaneous interpreting is a type of speech translation that requires a lot of skill. It can be performed with or without the use of equipment, but never for too long as it is extremely tiring. Simultaneous interpreting: what is it and when is it needed? Simultaneous interpreters are tasked with…
traduzione interlinguisticaServices

Interlingual, intersemiotic, and intralingual translation

There are three types of translation, each of which performs a particular function. Knowing the differences between them can help you develop a more conscious approach to translation and the creation and circulation of cultural content. Intralingual Translation Intralingual translation involves explaining a word’s meaning with words in the same…
traduzione inversaServices

What does “back translation” mean?

Translation typically involves converting a text into a new language, which we call the target language. We don’t often talk about back translation, and when we do, we usually talk about how useful it can be, or its potential problems. What is it used for? Back translation is the exact…
minoranze linguistiche italiaCuriosities

How many minority groups and languages are there in Italy?

Italy is home to people from all over the world; in some cases, migrants continue to speak their mother tongue. These people create minority languages, which Italy safeguards and protects. What does the term ‘minority language’ mean? The term ‘minority language’ generally refers to a group of people who speak…
certificazioni linguisticheServices

What is a language certification?

Language certifications are international qualifications that certify language skills. They are internationally recognised and comparable. In addition, they can be obtained through traditional academic channels or self-study. What is a language certification? A language certification is a document certifying your proficiency in a foreign language. It is an official and…
newsletter traduzioneServices

Newsletter: all the tips for translating it effectively

These days, companies use newsletters as a direct marketing tool. Businesses tend to use a sales-based approach to target a selected audience interested in services, products and information, and to advertise to them via a newsletter. What is a newsletter? A newsletter is an informative email that is sent to…
una cartella quante battuteCuriosities

How to count the number of characters in a word document

A cartella is a unit often used in Italy’s publishing sector to measure the length of a text. Contrary to popular belief, a cartella does not contain a fixed number of words, which can sometimes be confusing. Here is everything you need to know about Italy’s famous “cartella” and its…
come fare una traduzione certificataServices

How to request a certified business translation?

Certified translations are performed by dedicated certified translators, i.e., professionals with the necessary expertise to ensure the translation fully corresponds to the original text. There is no association or register of certified translators in Italy, which means that you need to follow a special process instead. Certified business translations: when…
come diventare traduttore audiovisivoServices

How do you become a good audiovisual translator?

A good audiovisual translator must be very familiar with at least two languages and cultures. Their job is not dissimilar to that of a cultural mediator. What is audiovisual translation? Audiovisual translation involves translating audiovisual dialogue, i.e., TV shows, cartoons, documentaries, and films. Check out the main features of audiovisual…
press release translationServices

How to translate press releases in a good way?

International companies often translate press releases when they need to communicate with international markets. Although the official international business language is English, companies often need to translate press releases into several languages. Doing so ensures that the local press can use the information and convey it correctly to the general…
plurilinguismo e multilinguismoCuriosities

What does “multilingualism” mean?

These terms are often used interchangeably, but there is a big difference between plurilingualism and multilingualism. These words describe the simultaneous use of several languages by one speaker or a group of speakers, but let’s take a closer look at their specific meanings. The definition of plurilingualism Plurilingualism refers to…
traduzione automatica sottotitoliServices

Automatic subtitle translation: advantages and disadvantages

Subtitles are key to making sure video content is effective. Thanks to subtitles, we can watch audiovisual content without sound, even when we don’t understand the language spoken in the video. Subtitles need to be effective to do their job properly. To do so, they must respect specific timing, methods,…
messaggio out of office ingleseCuriosities

Out of office messages in English: tips and examples

Out-of-office (OOO) messages are handy automated responses. They allow you to keep in touch with customers and provide them with information while you are away. In some situations, you might also need to translate your OOO messages. What are out-of-office messages? You might not know the official term, but you…
tradurre i documenti tecniciServices

Six tips for effective technical translations

Technical translations are extremely helpful to millions of consumers and users worldwide. Technical documents include instruction manuals, product descriptions, and specialised texts for industry experts. Translating these texts requires extreme accuracy, and there are obviously a few critical issues to avoid.ìWhen is it useful to translate technical documents? Translating technical…
traduzione contratto in ingleseServices

Contracts in English: how to translate them effectively?

There are lots of reasons why you might need totranslate contracts into English. It is an extremely delicate task if you want to ensure your contracts maintain their legal validity abroad. Here are our top tips for the perfect translation. When to translate contracts into English Contracts need to be…
recensione traduzioneServices

How to translate all reviews related to a company or hotel?

Translating reviews written by customers staying at a hotel may seem redundant but can present a lot of opportunities. Here are all the reasons why you should pay close attention to your business or hotel reviews. Why is it so important to translate reviews? As businesses and accommodation facilities such…
inci traduzioneServices

How to translate the INCI ingredients of cosmetics?

In recent years, consumers have been paying more attention to the ingredients in their beauty products. Today we prefer to purchase safe, organic, and non-hazardous cosmetic products. That’s why it’s particularly important to learn how to interpret cosmetic ingredients, also referred to as INCIs. Correct INCI translations are therefore essential…
localizzazione software Services

Professional software localization: who does it?

Software localisation is essential if you are planning to sell your software abroad.  This is a complex task that should only be performed by a specialised professional. What software localisation entails In practice, software localisation involves modifying an interface for use by users who speak a different language to the…
lavorare come traduttore di sottotitoli Services

How to work as a subtitle translator?

Working as a subtitler is becoming more and more common due to the large quantity of international audiovisual content that has become available thanks to online streaming. Professional subtitlers are tasked with making audiovisual content that is not dubbed available to international audiences. What subtitlers do You might think that…
software per tradurre video in italianoServices

Are software to translate video in Italian trustworthy?

The multitude of software available for translating video dialogues is easy to find on the web. Fast, efficient and, above all, easy to use, this software appears to be the final solution for instantly translating videos, but is that really the case? Video translation software: how does it work? Video…
speakeraggio prezziServices

How much does a Voice Over cost?

What affects the price of a voice-over service? These are the things to consider when you are looking to purchase a voice-over service for your audiovisual content. What affects the cost of a voice-over service? In Italy, there are enforced standard prices for voice-over services which are adopted by professionals…
inglese canadese differenzeCuriosities

American English and Canadian: the differences

There are important differences between American English and Canadian English. Canadian English is much more similar to British English, whereas American English, both written and spoken, is further removed from that of the motherland. Find out how. American English: the features American English generally opts for simplified spelling. For instance,…

Financial statement in English: how to translate it?

Financial statements are official documents that certain companies must draw up and publish at set intervals. Their purpose is to enable authorities to get a clear, accurate, and truthful picture of a business’s activities during a given financial period. The following entities must draw up financial statements in English: Companies…
traduzione sito wordpress Services

How to translate a WordPress website: best tips

Translating a WordPress site is an extremely common process these days; after all, a large proportion of websites are built using this content management system (CMS). It is not a risk-free process, however. Here is how to avoid making blunders and damaging your site’s ranking. What is a WordPress website?…

Translation for cosmetics: how to do it?

Translating for cosmetics requires specific technical expertise in the industry and solid experience of marketing and advertising translation. Here are some of the main challenges that this type of translation poses, as well as the pitfalls to avoid for a flawless piece of work. Translating for the cosmetics industry: which…

What is the difference between polysemy and homonymy?

The difference between polysemic and homonymous words is important, if very subtle in formal terms. Indeed, both refer to identical words that can have different meanings depending on the context in which they are used. What are polysemic words? Polysemic words can be defined as words which, depending on the…

How does SEO work for videos?

Using video SEO has been a must since videos became the most widespread, the most clicked and the most popular form of media content on the web. Search engine optimisation is a complex operation which takes account of a vast array of factors and needs to be tailored to each…
bidule interpretingServices

Bidule interpreting system: how does it work?

Tour-guide interpreting is an extremely versatile interpreting technique that can be used in situations when traditional interpreting booths simply aren’t an option. Efficient, versatile but above all cheap and easy to use, tour-guide interpreting is one of the new frontiers of interpreting. What is tour-guide interpreting? Tour-guide interpreting essentially means…
comercial translationServices

Why are commercial translations essential for enterprises?

Commercial translations are fundamental tools for companies operating in international markets. This type of translation is vital if you’re going to ensure suppliers, business partners, employees and customers operating abroad can navigate your website and product pages. Some readers might be thinking that commercial translations have something to do with…
voice over and dubbingServices

Voice Over and Dubbing: what is the difference?

Voice-over and dubbing are not the same thing, although people often get them confused. They are two different techniques that involve superimposing the voice of a voice actor onto a video. In addition, there are also two different approaches to voice-over work that non-professionals are often unaware of. The difference…
desktop publishingServices

What is a Desktop Publishing? All advantages for enterprises

Desktop publishing has completely revolutionised the way we produce editorial content. Using this new approach, which is much more practical than previous techniques, creating layouts for editorial content has never been easier, faster, or cheaper. Desktop publishing is used for a wide range of content and purposes, but it essentially…
where to open a company abroadServices

Where to register a new business abroad?

Starting a business overseas is something lots of Italian entrepreneurs would love to do. The lack of bureaucracy and specific incentives are just some of the top selling points. But which countries make it easiest to start doing business abroad? How do you establish a company abroad? Founding a company…
linguistic enterprise formationServices

Linguistic business formation: when is it useful?

Corporate language training involves teaching employees a new foreign language. There are a lot of reasons why language learning can be useful. Let’s take a look at a few together. What is corporate language training? Choosing which language to teach employees depends on the unique needs of a company, its…
literal translationServices

How to do a literal translation?

Literal translation is a translation technique that is strictly necessary for some sectors. Although it may appear simple at first glance, there are a few pitfalls you should avoid. Here’s how to produce the perfect literal translation and when it might be better to adopt a free translation approach instead.…
simplified chinese charactersCuriosities

Which are simplified Chinese characters?

Simplified Chinese characters have been used for several decades to write Chinese Mandarin. Originally designed to make the reading process quicker and easier, these days people can’t imagine life without them. What is "Simplified Chinese" The concept of Simplified Chinese has nothing to do with simplifying grammar or syntax. Whether…
traduzione etichette alimentariServices

Food labels translation for export activities

The food sector is governed by very strict regulations. As such, food label translations must contain certain elements and follow fixed formulas. Translating food labels: why it matters Exporting food products abroad is extremely profitable for the Italian economy. Italian food and drink products are well known, appreciated and consumed…
mediazione linguistica cos'èServices

Linguistic mediation: when it’s useful for enterprises

Language mediation has become increasingly important as international relations have expanded. Language mediation is a very complex task. There are several aspects to the job, which requires a deep understanding of the cultures of the countries involved. Language mediation: a definition Language and cultural mediation involve the ability to create…
auguri di buon natale in tutte le lingue del mondoCuriosities

How to say “Merry Christmas” around the world?

Christmas is celebrated all over the world. As such, there are hundreds of ways to express Christmas greetings in many different languages. Some of them are famous, while others are almost entirely unknown to Italian speakers! If you’d like to know how to say Merry Christmas in a different language…
lingue poco conosciuteCuriosities

Unknown languages: the 7 most rare languages

Rare languages are defined as languages with very few speakers. Rare languages tend to be most common in geographical areas that are isolated from the rest of the world. Rare languages are by no means dead languages (like Latin) but they are in danger of becoming extinct. In fact, rare…
interprete di trattativaServices

Negotiation interpreter: when he can help with business?

Negotiation interpreters perform the delicate task of mediation between two entities (e.g., two companies) interested in reaching a business agreement. You can read more about their duties and responsibilities below. What is a negotiation interpreter? A negotiation interpreter is a professional interpreter who specialises in a particular form of dialogue…
correzione testi onlineServices

The best tools to inspect online texts

Online proofreaders are an extremely practical solution for proofreading texts of different lengths. We are talking about special software that can scan texts for grammatical and syntactic errors and provide the correct alternative. Online proofreading tools There are several web-based text proofreading programmes out there, and they all boast different…
traduzione specializzataServices

What is a specialised translation?

When it comes to specialised (or specialist) translation, it’s all about precision and the accuracy of terminology. Specialised texts tend to be written for specialised audiences or experts in a particular field. As a result, these highly competent readers can spot translation errors in a heartbeat. Specialised translations: a definition…

World Translation Day: 30th September 2021

International Translation Day has been celebrated for thirty years and serves to emphasise the important role played by translators and interpreters throughout human history. Let’s find out why World Translation Day is celebrated on 30 September each year and what events are scheduled for 2021. Why is International Translation Day…

Hreflang tags: why are they essential for multilingual websites?

Hreflang tags are necessary attributes that improve the recognition of multilingual websites by search engines and facilitate their correct indexing. Learning when and how to implement hreflang tags correctly on multilingual websites is a key step towards reaching international users who might be interested in browsing your website in different…
traduzione specializzataServices

How to choose the best translation agency for your business?

A translation agency can be a valuable means of support when companies and professionals require translation services to establish international relations with their customers. A good translation is an excellent business card that can win the trust of new customers, resulting in the expansion of business to new countries. What…
spanglish linguaCuriosities

Why and where Spanglish is spoken?

Spanglish is a linguistic phenomenon spoken by millions of people around the world. It is mainly found in the Southern United States, and over the years, it has come to acquire truly remarkable cultural significance. Spanglish: what it is and where it is spoken Spanglish is a hybrid language, resulting…
interprete conferenzaServices

MICE interpreter: what does he do?

Conference interpreters have the task of facilitating communication between a speaker, i.e., a person giving a talk, and a foreign audience. This role is increasingly in demand, especially due to the new professional opportunities offered by this specialised sector. MICE is a fast-growing sector MICE is a specific kind of…

How the Internet was born: a brief overview

These days, the Internet plays a vital role in our everyday lives. We use Internet networks to send enormous quantities of data from one part of the world to another in the blink of an eye, and many modern activities rely on this exchange of information. The Internet has taken…

Corporate e-learning platforms: benefits and services

E-learning is the final frontier of the training world. E-learning platforms are interactive, extremely user-friendly, and can be moulded to suit any topic. And that’s not all: they’re also revolutionising the business training world. What is e-learning? E-learning involves teaching individuals using video streaming and/or videoconferencing systems. E-learning helps trainers…
lavori con le lingueCuriosities

What jobs can You do with languages?

Lots of students want a career in languages, and the field offers several professional and personal opportunities. Whether you’re about to start your degree or have just graduated, you’re probably asking yourself: what job can I get with a language degree? Modern language job opportunities Knowledge of a foreign language…
localizzazione aziendeServices

How to localise the enterprise?

A wide range of factors can influence where a company is based. For example, many companies choose their industrial location based on factors concerning production and business processes. These factors are in continuous evolution and make choosing a permanent industrial location a difficult and complex task. Over time, and with…
traduzione commercialeCuriosities

How to learn business English: basic phrases and terms

Just like any other language, English has several sub-languages, each of which is used for a specific purpose. It’s no wonder that business English has gained considerable importance and linguistic autonomy, especially given that English has been the global language for business and finance for centuries. What do we mean…
localizzazione siti webServices

How to localise the enterprise’s website?

There are several steps involved in website localisation. Each step ensures that a company’s website is accessible to foreign users, giving them the impression that it was written in their native language. For example, if a website has been localised successfully, a French user will get the impression that a…
giochi di parole in ingleseCuriosities

English puns and jokes: funny examples

The English language makes frequent use of puns, which are heavily relied on in literature and advertising. As such, it is no coincidence that English puns are some of the best known outside the United Kingdom, thanks in part to the widespread diffusion of English around the globe. That being…
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High-quality translation services for the hotel: all tips

Do hotel translations have an impact on sales? There is only one right answer to this question: 100% yes. In fact, holiday homes and resorts thrive when they manage to attract international tourists and pitch themselves as important destinations to visit. It is therefore necessary to win over international customers…
differenze tra portoghese e spagnoloCuriosities

How different is Spanish from Portuguese?

The differences between Spanish and Portuguese may seem obvious to an untrained ear, but there are plenty of important phonetic, graphic and grammatical differences, too, even though both are romance languages with Latin roots. But where do these differences come from and why have similar languages spoken in two neighbouring…
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Translations of children’s book: how does it work?

Translating children’s literature is a particularly difficult task for translators, who need to mediate between the source and target language, and between the language spoken by adults (which they will be used to) and children. Given these difficulties, what sets apart a good children’s literature translation from a poor one?…
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High-quality translation services for restaurants: all tips

Restaurant translations should have all the characteristics of a good dish. They should be captivating, high in quality and not too complex. But where do you start, and why is it so important to produce quality menus, brochures and food industry translations? Restaurant menu translations: when dodging social media is…
Lingue per il futuroCuriosities

The best languages to study for business and translation

Studying a language at school or university is essential if you want to become a professional translator. It is important to carefully consider which language(s) you wish to study and to do your research. The reasons for choosing one language over another mainly come down to their frequency of use…
Subtitles for people with hearing lossServices

How to translate subtitles for people with hearing loss

Subtitles for people with hearing loss differ greatly from those made for other groups of people. Deaf people and people with hearing loss have different needs when it comes to audiovisual content and these needs must be kept in mind when producing or translating subtitles for them. But what are…
Audiovisual translationServices

The best way to approach audiovisual translation

Audiovisual translation is a sector within the translation industry. If we were to define audiovisual translation, we would call it a form of translation that ‘transmits’ multimedia content (i.e., film, television, theatre and advertising) from one culture to another. Multimedia content is complex and normally comprises images, sounds, and verbal…
Translation techniqueServices

Translation Techniques and Characteristics

Translation techniques are strategies that allow professional translators to tackle common problems encountered in literary or commercial texts. They are often used in combination to produce a flowing and understandable text that is high in quality and can coherently convey the message and atmosphere of the source text. Literal translation…

Creole and pidgin languages, and how they differ from one another

Creole and pidgin are mixtures of two different languages. This kind of fusion occurs when people speaking different languages come into contact for a short or long time, establishing trade, social and political relations. Unfortunately, these ‘service’ languages were once considered unworthy of linguistic studies, and academics often believed them…
come impaginare un libroServices

How to layout a book: rules and best practices

Typesetting a book is a very intricate task requiring detailed technical knowledge, some of which has been passed down through generations since the first printing presses were invented back in the fifteenth century. But how do you typeset a novel? Or a poetry anthology? And what are the best fonts…

What is voice over?

By “voice over”, we essentially mean an audio track that narrates the images on screen. By definition, the person narrating a video does not usually appear on screen. We’ve been used to hearing voice overs on nature documentaries and in adverts for decades. What’s the difference between a voice over…
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What is multilingual SEO for website?

Website rankings rely on search engine optimisation (SEO), which is performed on individual pages of a website. But is multilingual SEO really necessary? 100%. And there are several reasons why. What’s the point in multilingual SEO? Any company looking to approach an international market needs to know what multilingual SEO…
lingua italiana nel mondoCuriosities

Where is italian spoken in the world?

Italian is a modern Romance language with close ties to Latin. Thanks to its origins and unique features, it is also one of the more difficult languages to study. Saying that, Italian is spoken by many people around the world, some of whom live far from the national borders. But…
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What is SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting plays a very important role in how search engines decide to rank websites. In fact, the term is used to describe the act of writing content that is considered relevant by search engines (and helpful to users). Search engines use a variety of parameters to evaluate the relevance…
lingue da studiare per il futuroCuriosities

Best languages to learn for the future

What are the best languages to study? This is a question that all language students, aspiring interpreters, and translators ask themselves at the beginning of their academic careers. Unfortunately, there is no right answer, as languages become more or less useful depending on the historical, political, and economic climate. The…
traduzioni farmaceuticheServices

How to go about pharmaceutical translations?

Pharmaceutical translation is a highly sensitive field and incorrect translations of medical and pharmaceutical texts can risk directly impacting people’s health. Translators working in the pharmaceutical field take on a considerable amount of responsibility towards consumers and patients, as well as towards the manufacturers of drugs, medical devices, and machinery.…
neve in eschimeseCuriosities

How many eskimo words there are for “snow”?

According to urban legend, the Inuit communities use several different words to describe the concept of snow. Some sources claim there are 21 different ways to say snow in the Inuit languages, while others believe the number is closer to 50 or 100. But who to believe? Here’s everything you…
localizzazione softwareServices

How to localize softwares correctly

Software localisation is a complex task but a very necessary one, especially if you’re looking to expand the market of the software you want to sell. But what does it really mean to localise software and why is it so important? Localising software doesn’t just mean translating it A software…
libri italiani più tradotti al mondoCuriosities

The 5 italian books most translated into english

To measure the success of a book, and a novel, in particular, you need to calculate the number of copies sold in the author’s home country, the number of copies sold abroad, and the number of languages into which the book has been translated. The most translated Italian writers: from…
localizzazione significatoServices

Why it is important to localize texts and websites

Website localisation is a very powerful marketing tool that allows companies to connect with a huge number of potential customers living overseas. The meaning of localisation goes far beyond that of simple translation, as it often requires the complete reworking of a text from a cultural point of view. Since…
divulgazione scientificaCuriosities

How to facilitate scientific dissemination

We’re living in an age of major scientific and technological development, which has brought about profound and rapid changes to our society. Despite this development, in the past few years there has been an increase in the circulation of anti-science conspiracy theories, with anti-vax movements and flat earth theories receiving…
traduzione brevettiServices

How to translate patents

Patent translation is an extremely delicate task. The approval of an international patent can determine the financial success of an inventor, entrepreneur, or anyone who makes a living from their intellectual work. For a patent to be protected in other countries, a precise bureaucratic procedure must be followed. Once approved,…

How to become a proofreader?

A proofreader is a writer’s best friend. Proofreaders are tasked with finding and correcting typos and grammatical errors in a text. Do you really need to hire a proofreader before publishing a text? 100%, which is why proofreading is an extremely sought-after profession. What does proofreading actually involve? Proofreading is…
riunioni da remotoCuriosities

How to handle remote meetings

Virtual meetings have become a regular feature of working life during the Coronavirus pandemic. Working online has completely changed the way colleagues and participants in business meetings, conferences, and negotiations interact with each other. There are some basic rules for ensuring that online meetings run efficiently. These rules apply in…
Differenze tra inglese e americanoCuriosities

The difference between British and American English

Although American English originally developed from British English, over time it has evolved into its own language with unique characteristics. It’s also worth remembering that spoken languages are like living organisms and can often evolve and depart significantly from the original language. As such, American English has developed some phonetic…
traduzioni cataloghiServices

What are the difficulties in translating catalogues

Catalogue translation is an extremely specialised field and is in great demand among companies operating in the international field. Catalogues allow brands to achieve a range of objectives, such as advertising products in detail and presenting an overall brand image and set of corporate values. They may seem somewhat perfunctory,…
voice overServices

The difficulties that come with recording voiceovers

The term “voiceover” is used to describe an off-screen voice in a film or TV series. Voiceovers often describe scenes with no dialogue, such as nature documentaries, for example, but they can also be used to describe or comment on a plot or storyline that has just unfolded or is…
scrivere una lettera formaleServices

Tips for Writing and Translating Formal Letters

Formal letters are required in some business situations and are written for a range of purposes.  To give some examples, you often write formal cover and motivation letters in English to attach to a CV for a vacancy or educational course, when you need to invite someone to an official…
once in grammiServices

How to translate recipes and cookbooks

How many ounces are there in 100 grams? This is a minor issue that most of us will have encountered when following an international recipe. The food and drink sector is an extremely specialised technical sector but it is rarely perceived as one. You might think you can improvise quantities,…
tradurre fumettiServices

How to translate comics and graphic novels

Translating comic books is no child’s play. Emerging comic book translators will know this all too well, and will often find themselves writing and rewriting translations featured in speech bubbles a hundred times before finding the perfect solution. So is translating comics any more difficult than translating books? The sectors…

How to transcribe text and audio

The term “transcription” is used to describe the act of transcribing an audio file recorded during an event or conversation. The Italian word for transcription (sbobinatura) derives from the reels of magnetic tape used to record audio before it was transcribed. This term has remained in use in Italy even…
interpretariato telefonicoServices

What You Need to Know About Telephone Interpreting

Telephone interpreting is a form of remote interpreting that some might refer to as “remote” or “agile” in the current climate. It is a type of service that can solve many of the logistical problems that come with working as an interpreter. With telephone interpreting, you need less time to…
proprietà intellettualeServices

How to translate Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a right exercised by an author over a creation of the human intellect. You can claim the intellectual property rights of literary works and artworks as well as names and images, which are often used in the business world and can contribute significantly to building a brand.…
impaginazione progettiServices

How to layout graphic and design projects

Deciding on a layout for your project is as important as creating the actual content. Precise page layouts help to showcase individual elements, highlight certain strengths, and aid an understanding of the project’s overall meaning. When devising an architectural or design project, you need to make sure the text is…

Chuchotage: joys and sorrows of whispered interpreting

Chucotage is one of the oldest, most famous simultaneous interpreting techniques. The name of this technique literally means “whispering” and it involves absolutely no technical tools. How common is this type of interpreting nowadays, and how useful is it? All the pros of chuchotage Chuchotage is one of the cheapest…
Differenze tra editing e proofreadingServices

Editing and proofreading: differences and applications

The revision of a translated text undergoes various corrective phases carried out sequentially to fine-tune the end product on all levels. In general, there is always some confusion between editing, or “cross-checking” and proofreading: here we define them in detail and explain their specific uses. Editing: the correction of a…

Translation and innovation: the respeaking technique

Exactly like all other practical and theorical practices, translation is continuously evolving. With the technological progress made by humankind over the last few years, the translation techniques used have also changed drastically, to such an extent that today, one of the last frontiers of translation, known as respeaking, is closely…
layout bookServices

How to choose the right layout for a book

Designing the layout for a book is an extremely complex operation, as it must ensure satisfactory compliance with all the requirements of the text and, at the same time, make it possible to create an object that meets the buyer’s expectations, also aesthetically speaking. Choosing the right layout is therefore…
remote interpreting Curiosities

Being translators in the time of Covid-19: remote interpreting

The year 2020 forced citizens and workers worldwide to drastically change their habits. Since face-to-face activities were severely limited to keep contagion from Coronavirus under control, many professions have had to grapple with the need to exploit and maximise the potentials offered by the digital sphere. The interpreter’s job in…

What is linguistic ecology and its characteristics

Ecolinguistics is a recent branch of linguistics. Developed in the 1990s, it attempts to establish a link between the language used by a community and the (natural and cultural) ecosystem within which said community lives and thrives. The various aspects of ecolinguistics differ greatly from one another, but all possess…
Content managerServices

What does a content manager do?

The role of a content manager is vital when it comes to managing a website. Whoever is assigned this role is responsible for planning, organising and allocating content to be written and subsequently published online. Once published, said content must be constantly updated and eventually archived. Once upon a time,…
Bilinguismo infantileCuriosities

Pros and Cons of bilingualism in kids

Is bilingualism in children a hot topic at the moment? Oh absolutely, but it’s by no means a new concept in the history of the world, Italy included. Up until a few decades ago, almost all Italian citizens were bilingual. In fact, Italian was an ‘extra’ language taught at school…
linguaggio del webServices

What are web language characteristics

The web exists in parallel with our real lives and has developed its own language and code of conduct (or ‘netiquette’) over the years. Using the web every day does not necessarily mean that you’re familiar with all web language. In fact, it’s entirely possible for ‘normal’ Internet users to…
Lingua meno parlata al mondoCuriosities

What is the least spoken language in the world?

The rarest language in the world is only spoken by five people. You might consider this a tragedy, but linguistic experts are all too aware that there is absolutely nothing exceptional about the death of a language. In fact, languages and dialects disappear all the time, and it’s a phenomenon…
tradurre canzoniCuriosities

How are song lyrics translated?

Translating songs might not seem all that different from translating poetry, or any other specialized translation. In both cases, translators need to respect the meaning, metrics and musicality of the text while reshaping it another language. That being said, it is very important to understand the difference between a poem…
Natale nel mondoCuriosities

Christmas Traditions All Around the World

Although we’re inclined to believe that Christmas traditions around the globe are similar, many differences exist between the Christmas traditions around the world. The features we have in common are of course religious celebrations at midnight (or midnight mass), visits from Santa Claus and his reindeer, exchanging gifts and family…
Tradurre lo slangCuriosities

How to translate American slang

Slang is mainly used in spoken language, and in daily informal situations. It has developed in the USA through the continuous transformation of American English in common use. Slang was originally used in spoken language, but over time (and with the increasing popularity of instant messaging) it has spread into…
Traduzione dialettiServices

How are dialects translated?

Translating into or out of a dialect is no mean feat. Dialects tend to tell us a lot more about a country’s history, culture and society than its official language(s).Dialects are also able to express infinite shades of meaning, some of which are bound to get lost in translation. As…
Traduzione e localizzazioneServices

What is ‘localisation’?

Localisation is used to adapt a translation so that it can effectively communicate with a different culture, so much so that it might even be confused with an original text. Of course, localisation is not only applied to written texts. All media requiring translation can, and often must, be localised,…
Traduttori famosiCuriosities

Famous translators in Italy and abroad

Translating a novel is often the ultimate dream of young hopefuls looking to become professional translators one day. In fact, literary translation is often what gives translators the most satisfaction, allowing them to become something near to full-blown authors. Translating fiction involves creating a text that’s a work of genius…
come tradurre sottotitoliServices

Things to look out for when translating subtitles

Subtitling is in very high demand at the moment, thanks primarily to the success of platforms such as Netflix. The content available on streaming sites reaches millions and millions of people around the world, all of whom speak dozens of different languages. A lot of this content is made available…
traduttore medicoServices

How to become a translator specialised in the medical field

Medical translation belongs to the broad field of technical translation and is one of the most difficult areas to get into. The main difficulties that come with medical translation are usually to do with the very high specificity of the terms used and the significant variation in terminology from one…
traduzione videogiochiServices

Everything you need to know about video game translation

Video game translation is quite a niche area of the profession, but that being said, it’s vital when looking to successfully market a game abroad. It would be absolutely unthinkable to release a video game that could only be played in one language, given that the international gaming community is…
lingue faciliCuriosities

The easiest languages to learn (if you’re Italian)

Are some languages easier or more difficult to learn than others? Yes, and no. As such, no languages are equally easy or difficult to learn for everyone. Instead, it’s better to talk about close and distant languages. The “closeness” of two languages makes learning them easier.
Traduzione di guide e cartineServices

How to translate travel guides and maps

Over the last twenty years, Europe has opened its borders, adopted a single currency and grown its tourist information network exponentially. As such, requests for translations into various European languages have grown dramatically, as has the demand for tourist translations to and from non-European languages.
Cosa sono i neologismiCuriosities

What are neologisms?

Neologisms, by definition, are new words that permanently enter spoken language. Many of the new words invented each year don’t stand the test of time, and are perhaps best described as fads that fail to root themselves permanently in spoken language.
Japanese ideograms translationCuriosities

How to translate Japanese ideograms

Japanese ideograms belong to a writing system that is entirely different from the alphabetic one used by almost all other languages around the world. Given its distance from western languages, translating Japanese is one of the most complex (and therefore expensive) tasks you can ask a professional translator to undertake.
Most difficult wordsCuriosities

What are the most difficult words in the world?

How many difficult words are there in the world? And which language contains the most unpronounceable words? In reality, these are not questions that can be answered objectively, since, as linguists will know, a language’s difficulty is entirely subjective.
funny wordsCuriosities

The funniest words in the world

Words are fun when they sound ridiculous or force speakers to attempt amusing pronunciation. The Italian language has several funny words, but there are numerous memorable cases in other languages, too.
Working as interpreterServices

How to work as an interpreter

Working as an interpreter is a courageous choice. In reality, it’s an incredibly stimulating profession and often involves learning new things, meeting people from all walks of life and forging professional relationships with individuals, companies and institutions.
Harry Potter TranslationsCuriosities

Translating Harry Potter: Fascinating Facts and Faults

Translating Harry Potter is just about as difficult as literary translation gets, not only due to the book and film series’ global success, but also to the fact that the character names were translated differently, causing confusion among readers, along with a lot of criticism.
Translating and legalising documentsServices

How to translate foreign language documents

Translating and legalising documents are two of the most complex tasks a translator is likely to tackle. The reasons vary but often come down to complex technical jargon and the lengthy bureaucratic processes required to attribute legal value to a translated foreign document.

The most studied languages in the world

The most studied languages in the world are not necessarily the most spoken languages in the world. Italians were recently shocked to find out that their mother tongue is the fourth most studied language in the world, despite its apparent complexity.
Working with languagesCuriosities

World of work: which languages are the most sought-after?

Which languages are the most sought-after in the world of work? Is it even possible to rank them? Perhaps it would be best to focus on specific industries? You might be unsurprised to learn that the latter approach makes more sense, despite the same few languages topping the rankings, regardless of sector.
Most common mistakes in englishCuriosities

What are the most common mistakes in English?

What are false friends? They are essentially tricky words or phrases that you need to look out for when translating from English into another language. Below are some English words that may deceive you due to their resemblance to Italian words. But watch out, they have very different meanings!

Most beautiful Words in the World

How does we determine whether or not a word is ‘beautiful’? In reality, there is no set way to do so, instead, we rely on a sort of ‘feeling’ that certain words are able to encapsulate concepts with precision or a pleasing sound.
Untranslatable wordsCuriosities

20 Words that can’t be translated

Most translators will be aware that certain cultures can be particularly sensitive to specific concepts, perceiving them in entirely unique ways. Often, this ‘sensitivity’ to specific items, emotions or situations is encapsulated in a word.
Le lingue a rischio di estinzioneCuriosities

List of Languages at Risk of Extinction

While some languages are continuing to gain new speakers, others seem destined for oblivion. In most cases, the latter includes ancient languages spoken by very small and isolated communities, whose inhabitants are progressively diminishing in number or are forgetting their population’s ancient cultural traditions.