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Financial translations

Issues to look out for when tackling financial translations

The number of financial translation requests has grown dramatically in Italy in recent years. This is due to the fact that the last few decades have seen Italy re-enter the G8, i.e. the top eight global economic powers. Of course, much of Italy’s economic strength derives from its international trade relations. As a consequence, various types of financial translation are necessary to help facilitate business.

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consecutive and simultaneous interpreting

Different types of interpreting: from simultaneous to consecutive

Interpreting is a fundamental branch of translation. It acts on what we call “living language,” spoken by people on a daily basis for a wide range of reasons.

Unlike those who translate written texts, interpreters must be able to facilitate real-time communication between individuals or groups of people who do not speak the same language. In many respects, this is a much harder job than written translation because it involves a lot of pressure and performance anxiety.

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Why do we need to translate criminal records?

Criminal record translations are usually required when applying for residence or work permits in abroad, as well as for a range of other legal practices.

Just like the original document, a translation is valid for three months from its date of issue. As such, you’ll need to make sure you arrange for its timely renewal if required for longer than three months.

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Tourist translation

How to translate travel guides and maps

Among the many fields of translation, the tourism sector tests a translator’s versatility and expertise like no other. Texts produced for the tourist industry are often hybrids. They summarise useful information, implement various marketing techniques and exploit the irresistible charm of storytelling to attract potential customers.

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sito multilingua_ev

Digital marketing: why having a good multilingual website is important

Digital marketing has changed dramatically over the years. Its development has undoubtedly been aided by the rapid expansion of the mobile web and, of course, the increasing number of people using websites to buy goods or services, or to look up information about a product or company. Given the ever-growing importance of online contact between companies and their customers, in order to be effective, marketing must keep its finger on the pulse. And even anticipate trends, where possible.

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Working as interpreter

How to work as an interpreter

Working as an interpreter is a courageous choice. In reality, it’s an incredibly stimulating profession and often involves learning new things, meeting people from all walks of life and forging professional relationships with individuals, companies and institutions.

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Translating and legalising documents

How to translate foreign language documents

Translating and legalising documents are two of the most complex tasks a translator is likely to tackle. The reasons vary but often come down to complex technical jargon and the lengthy bureaucratic processes required to attribute legal value to a translated foreign document.

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Poetry in translation

The Problems That Come with Translating Poetry and How to Succeed

The task of translating poetry has given rise to countless musings on how best to translate poems into different languages over the centuries. The ultimate goal of poetry translators is to convey the original poem’s intent, meaning and style as faithfully as possible. Of course, this is an almost impossible task, and one that has resulted in some extremely different approaches, many of which have produced memorable and disastrous results in equal measure. But why is translating poems so difficult? And are some techniques better than others?

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Translation and interpretation

Differences between translation and interpretation

Interpreting is a type of translation work that is done orally on the spot. Unlike translators, who work on written texts and have a lot of time to hone their translations, interpreters have very little time at their disposal and must provide live translations that allow foreign parties to understand each other.

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