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Document translation requires a set of skills that go far beyond proficiency in the source and target languages. In fact, in most cases, document terminology is often specific to a given sector (medical or legal, for example). A document’s purpose can also strongly influence its style and the use of certain expressions. A medical text written for informative purposes will certainly not use the same terminology as a clinical file or drug packet leaflet. Translators must therefore be equipped with specific experience and perfect knowledge of both the source and target languages.

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We have been working with a wide variety of sectors for over 20 years, taking care to tailor our services to the text to be translated, its purpose and customer needs. Official and business document translation services involve a very complex set of tasks, which often vary from case to case. It’s therefore essential to select the most appropriate translator, carefully assessing their expertise in order to guarantee accurate and tailored professional document translations. Our method consists of carefully analysing the text’s purpose, together with the customer, as well as its sector of reference, the platform on which it will be published, its target audience, whether or not the translation needs to be certified and any other characteristics that may be relevant in terms of communication. Carrying out this sort of analysis helps us to select the most appropriate mother tongue translator for the job, who will be chosen on the basis of their linguistic, technical and professional skills.

Foreign document translation and legalisation services

It’s important to clarify that in order to ensure that official document translations retain the same legal validity as the original text, a complex bureaucratic procedure must be followed in order to guarantee that Italian documents remain legally valid abroad (and vice versa). This process goes by the name of ‘certification’ and requires a good knowledge of the legal system of the country in which the translation will be used, in addition to impeccable language skills. We also always make sure to offer our customers a fully-rounded service, which includes the translation itself, all bureaucratic processes and delivery of the document in person, by post or by express courier.

From proofreading to document layouts: a complete service

Our professional document translation services are characterised by a complete service. Our goal is to provide you with an accurate and immediately usable final product. That’s why we make sure the final text’s linguistics, grammar and syntax are correct before delivering the document.

We also provide accurate proofreading and layout services for web and press content, carried out by our reliable team of graphic designers, specialised in the use of specific software.

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