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A website may contain duplicate content for a variety of reasons, not always involving ‘content theft’. Here are some of the causes of this problem and how best to manage it.

Duplicate content: what is it?

Duplicate content is the same text content appearing, unaltered, on two or more web pages at the same time. These web pages may belong to the same site or different sites.

To be clear, for a text to be considered duplicated, it must contain large sections of text already appearing on other sites, whereas a few ‘copied’ lines within a very long text are not considered duplicate content.

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Why is it bad for an internet site?

Duplicate content damages SEO fitness, negatively affecting your search engine optimisation, both when appearing on different pages of the same site and when appearing across multiple websites. Of course, the latter eventuality is more serious and, in most cases, involves actual theft of content.

When the Google algorithm identifies content deliberately copied from one domain to another, in order to manipulate a domain’s ranking and win more traffic, it may be that the site that intentionally copied the content is no longer featured among the top search results.

Solutions for avoiding content duplication

Various methods exist for avoiding duplication of content. The best one to choose depends on the type of duplication identified.

If the content duplication is within the same site, it is probably a technical issue and easily resolved. You should first perform a check for duplicate content using specific software, then redirect the various pages with identical content to a single page specified as the ‘canonical’ (original) URL.

If, on the other hand, you are afraid your content has been duplicated by someone else, or that an editor may have added copied content to a domain of yours, you should check all the text using duplicate content checkers. These are generally cases of paid software which enable you to perform several duplicate content checks a day for free.

Text editing services

However, publishing original content is not enough to ensure that your website gets a good search engine ranking. Your content also needs to be correct in formal and linguistic terms, making it quality content for web users.

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Why is it important to avoid duplicate content on your company website? Discover the leading solutions to this problem.

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