E-learning platform and course translations: the best way to internationalise the education process

These days, e-learning tools are a widespread means of allowing users to learn a certain discipline, concept or activity simply by connecting to the internet. Said tools are often very useful for schools, universities and companies in particular, with a number of universities now offering the possibility to take watch lectures online, or even to review a lesson summary accompanied by explanatory videos that help to explain the topic in question.

E-learning tools can also be very useful for companies, and come with a number of business-related benefits, such as a reduction in training costs. In the past, trainers and employees had to physically be in the same physical place to in order to partake in training activities, and a suitable and often very expensive rental space was also required. These days, the problem has largely been solved by the advent of e-learning tools: training and refresher courses can now be offered to all employees at a very low cost, regardless of where in the world they are located. The only condition to obtaining decent results is the high-quality translation of e-learning materials in the languages spoken by the managers and employees to be trained.

Accurate and tailored e-learning translations

Translations play an absolutely fundamental role in the e-learning sector, and decent results require a lot more than the literal translation of the text. In fact, it’s vital that the translator understands the tone of the content, the target audience and the intentions of the content creators themselves. Translating an e-learning module for university students certainly requires a very different in style to a company training refresher course, or a certification programme.

At Eurotrad, we are well aware of the different requirements that come with each sector, which is why we have developed a wide network of native-speaking professionals over the past twenty years, all of whom are specialised in a certain sector, allowing us to identify the most suitable person for the job in a very short space of time. Our modus operandi is very well tested: an in-house project manager monitors every task and oversees each individual aspect, from the translation task itself, to proofreading, to a review, before signing the project off once your final approval is given. Before starting the translation, we take the time to listen carefully to your requests and intentions. We know that it’s only by adopting an extremely personalised approach that we can offer our customers translations that are in line with their expectations.

Our promise: a complete, fast and professional service

It’s all about a tailored approach, but we offer so much more than that. Speed plays a fundamental role in the process as e-learning materials often need to be translated in a very short space of time, so that they can be sent off to a number of different countries simultaneously and to avoid the risk of content becoming outdated.

Moreover, e-learning localization and translation services require different approaches depending on the material’s specific characteristics: in some cases, the content may require subtitles, in others a character in a video may need to be dubbed (be them a professor or corporate trainer), and in others still, text translations may also involve accompanying infographics or explanatory slides.

That’s why Eurotrad makes use of a well-trained and efficient editing team, which is able to work on your content as deemed fit, at high speed and at low prices. Our tailored approach goes hand-in-hand with speedy turnaround times, specialised mother-tongue translators and a qualified technical support team. A set of qualities that are essential in order to achieve our primary objective: customer satisfaction.

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