Draft correction and text edits

Proofreading usually means correcting the print proofs, revising and correcting any typos, spellings, repetitions, missing parts or syntax mistakes in general, and including a layout control, etc. During this stage of post-translation control, no checks are carried out on the terminology or vocabulary, unless there contain easily identifiable errors and therefore, no changes are made to content or style register.

Editing or crosschecking is a more in-depth process, as it looks at more than the grammar and syntax; it also checks style and terminology to provide a text where every aspect is as good as it can be. Great care is also taken to compare the translated text with the original version to make sure that there are no omissions or misunderstandings when it comes to content. Obviously, editing requires more time and skills than proofreading and therefore, it is more expensive.

Both proofreading and editing services are available in all language combinations and, if necessary, can meet with urgent deadlines. Editing or simple proofreading is carried out on the files or even directly on line in case of re-reading or editing web sites. These services are performed by professional translators who are also experts in the different fields.

Servizi proofreading

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