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Energy sector translations are increasingly in demand. This is partly due to the historical events occurring at this moment in time.

Climate change and the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war have catalysed the attention paid by the general public (and companies) to the energy sector, the production of sustainable energy, and rising energy costs.

Why are translations crucial for the energy sector?

Companies operating in the energy sector and on international markets often require texts to be translated so that they can enter into agreements with international business partners or sell their services to foreign suppliers.

energy translations

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These activities comprise different types of translation services, including:

Translating texts for the energy sector: characteristics

Like other companies operating in scientific sectors, energy companies use a lot of technical terms. To produce professional and high-quality translations, translators need to be familiar with these technical terms.

The body of legislation that governs the sector is both broad and complex. Professional translators need to be familiar with legal texts and the energy rules in force in various countries.

For the reasons mentioned above, energy sector translations are broadly defined as specialised translations. As a result, this type of translation requires a high level of terminological accuracy and must therefore be performed by translators who know the subject area very well.

The energy sector is also very dynamic from a commercial point of view and invests heavily in advertising. For this reason, advertising translations also make communications about energy products and services available to an international audience.

The process of translating texts for the energy sector

As we have seen, energy sector translations are characterised by a high degree of specialisation. As a result, professional translators often need to use specialised glossaries related to the energy sector.

Doing so allows them to produce coherent and timely translations. As mentioned, translators also need to be familiar with the sector’s technical and legal aspects.

Why you should rely on a translation agency specialised in the energy sector

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