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This year, we’ve decided to do something a little different at Eurotrad to celebrate the festive period. We have decided to donate to L’Africa Chiama, which is based in the Marche region of Italy. The charity helps over 21,000 children and young people in serious difficulty every single day in Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia, offering them food, education, and medical care.

L’Africa Chiama

Eurotrad joins forces with L’Africa Chiama

To better understand the charity’s mission and to get to know each other, EuroTrad organised a get to know you day with the NGO from Fano, which shared a few stories with our team.

It was a magical experience, and getting to meet Raffaella Nannini, head of L’Africa Chiama, offered us a glimpse into the emotional turmoil faced by volunteers every day.

Raffaella shared photos of the charity’s most recent humanitarian trip to Kenya in October, where L’Africa Chiama has a base. Raffaella also talked about the NGO’s main projects.

L’Africa Chiama’s humanitarian projects

Over the years, L’Africa Chiama has set up various humanitarian assistance programmes. One of these involved creating nurseries to accommodate a large number of children living in difficult conditions. The charity also runs canteens at these facilities to ensure children get a good dietary education and can learn through play.

The charity is also committed to the physical and mental rehabilitation of children with disabling medical conditions, in the hope of assisting their African mothers, who want to provide their children with the best possible future.

The charity also helps mothers with AIDS. The goal is to prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to baby during pregnancy, delivery, and during the first 18 months of life.

But L’Africa Chiama’s commitment doesn’t stop there. EuroTrad employees were also struck by the charity’s Special Children project, which is dedicated to children living on the street. The NGO’s objective is to defend and protect the rights of these children, and to provide them with the opportunity to lead a dignified life, free from drugs and alcohol. The charity organises various activities to do with sports, health care, and nutritional and mental well-being to steer young people towards a future full of opportunities and success.

Eurotrad donates to L’Africa Chiama

Meeting the people who run this humanitarian NGO has reminded us just how important it is for people to work together. Raffaella summed up the charity’s objective with the expression “walking together”. The idea isn’t to impose one’s own beliefs and ideals, but to respect cultural diversity.  At EuroTrad, we are incredibly proud to support this very meaningful initiative, safe in the knowledge that our customers and business partners will look forward to joining us on the wonderful journey ahead.