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What affects the price of a voice-over service? These are the things to consider when you are looking to purchase a voice-over service for your audiovisual content.

What affects the cost of a voice-over service?

In Italy, there are enforced standard prices for voice-over services which are adopted by professionals in the field.

However, these rates do not apply to advertising voice-overs, which are among the most sought-after kinds of voice-over. This means that, while the market may appear to be regulated, in reality professionals negotiate their fees based on the type of assignment they are hired for. Of course, the professional’s level of experience also affects the fee requested for each voice-over job.

In addition, you should always consider whether the professional has a home studio or needs to rent a recording studio. In the latter case, the studio costs will increase the price of the voice-over service.

For voice-overs in foreign languages, always bear in mind that the rates may be higher.

How much does a voice-over service cost on average? Here are the main expense items that affect voice-over pricing.

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The average price of a voice-over service

To calculate the cost of a dubbing artist, you also need to consider the length of the text the dubbing artist has to record. Indeed, just as with correction of drafts or written translations, a voice-over service is based on setting of a rate of pay per standard unit of measure.

In Italy, this unit is a standard page of any kind of text, consisting of 1800 characters subdivided into 30 lines of 60 characters each, including spaces. This means that the 1800 characters of a standard page include not only the words but also the pauses between them, formed by the spaces.

The minimum rate for reading a standard page is 20 euros but may be as much as 40 euros for more complex projects or if the dubbing artist engaged is a professional with a lot of experience in the field. The average cost of a voice-over service in Italian is about 30 euros per standard page.

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How much does a voice-over service cost on average? Here are the main expense items that affect voice-over pricing.

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