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Certified translations are performed by dedicated certified translators, i.e., professionals with the necessary expertise to ensure the translation fully corresponds to the original text. There is no association or register of certified translators in Italy, which means that you need to follow a special process instead.

Certified business translations: when are they necessary?

Certified translations are mainly used in business and civil matters. Some countries require certified translations of identity documents, birth, and marriage certificates.

In the corporate world, businesses often need to have technical and bureaucratic documents translated and certified.

Examples include patents and business or commercial contracts between private individuals and companies.

come fare una traduzione certificata

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Company certification translations

Company certifications are documents demonstrating that a company’s procedures comply with specific international standards.

There are different types of company certifications, including those in the quality, environmental, and worker health and safety fields.

They prove to business partners, suppliers, customers, and foreign countries that the company complies with specific standards.

Again, some countries only accept company certification translations that have been certified.

Certified translations: what does the process look like?

Unlike sworn translations, certified translations are more straightforward, faster, and less expensive.

In practice, companies submit a translation request to a translation agency, such as Eurotrad, and a certificate to accompany the translation is drawn up.

When producing certified translations, translation agencies must declare that the translation is faithful to the original document by means of a self-certification. To do so, the agency writes a report listing the company’s details on headed paper so that it can be traced if checks need to be performed on the translated document.

How much does a certified translation cost?

Certified translations cost much less than sworn translations for several reasons.

Firstly, you do not need to attach revenue stamps to translations, so businesses can avoid this additional cost. Secondly, unlike sworn translations, translators do not have to go to court to certify translations, meaning they have to make a much smaller commitment.

Although costs vary depending on the length, complexity, and target language of the document to be translated, generally speaking, certified translations cost less than €100 in Italy.

Eurotrad’s certified translations

Translators must translate official documents with the utmost care and precision, especially when the consequences of a translation error could be severe.

Eurotrad always ensures its certified translations are high in quality. To do so, we only work with professional translators specialised in translating legal language.

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