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These days, companies use newsletters as a direct marketing tool. Businesses tend to use a sales-based approach to target a selected audience interested in services, products and information, and to advertise to them via a newsletter.

What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is an informative email that is sent to users who have chosen to receive promotional materials.

These users have decided to give their contact details to your company, meaning that almost everyone who receives a newsletter is potentially interested in benefiting the company in some way (by making a purchase or buying or renewing a service).

newsletter traduzione

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Newsletter translation services: the main sectors

All kinds of companies use newsletters to reach their customers from time to time. The sectors that use this marketing format most often include the automotive, insurance and energy sectors. Excellent results are obtained in the technology industry, too.

Newsletter translations: linguistic differences

Since newsletters are sent directly to customers who have been profiled, you should carefully consider the characteristics of your target audience.

This means using the same language, tone of voice, and values as your customers to ensure you are on the same page and can leverage your connection to persuade them to make a purchase.

To do so, you need to have a good handle on the linguistic and cultural nuances of language, respecting (and indeed exploiting) its unique features and communication potential.

Translating newsletters into English

Translating newsletters into English is essential for all companies operating in international markets. As English is spoken all over the world, a good English-language newsletter translation will reach lots of potential customers and multiply sales.

Translating newsletters into French

Although English is the global business language of choice, French is also widely spoken around the world. In addition, native French speakers generally do not like to interact in other languages. For this reason, writing newsletters for French-speaking customers in French will undoubtedly win you favours in the corporate marketing world.

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