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Journalistic translation involves writing (online or printed) articles in another language.
Here is everything you need to know about journalistic translations, the main difficulties involved, and our advice on producing high-quality newspaper translations in all main language combinations.

What is journalistic translation?

As its name suggests, journalistic translation involves the broadcasting of news and information through online, print, or other media outlets in markets outside the original language of publication.
Its purpose is to make texts accessible to readers in the target language without omitting information included in the original text.

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The difficulties of journalistic translation

Unlike other translations, journalistic translation often has to be done quickly. It is also essential to consider the style and tone of voice used by the broadcaster to integrate the translation perfectly with the other texts published by the magazine or newspaper provider.
Suppose the translation is intended for online publication. In that case, translators also need to consider multilingual SEO, i.e., optimising texts for search engines (e.g. Google). If the translation is intended for publication in a printed newspaper, the translator will need to consider the page layout and character limit.

Essential skills for successful journalistic translations

As journalistic texts often deal with current affairs and specialist topics, finding a translator who is well informed of topical issues will contribute to the translation’s success. Having a good overall culture will also facilitate translation work.
In addition to fluency in both languages, journalistic translators need to have an in-depth understanding of syntax and terminology specific to the industry if they are to produce translated content that is not only grammatically correct and readable but also impactful for the target audience.

Trusted providers of journalistic translations

As mentioned, journalistic translation demands linguistic sensitivity, communicative abilities, and a range of skills that cannot be fully replicated by relying solely on machine translation.
That is why our advice is to turn to translation agencies such as Eurotrad for marketing and advertising translation services as they tend to collaborate with native translators for the primary language combinations. Contact us to discuss your specific needs for journalistic translation.

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