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Language mediation has become increasingly important as international relations have expanded. Language mediation is a very complex task.

There are several aspects to the job, which requires a deep understanding of the cultures of the countries involved.

mediazione linguistica cos'è


Language mediation: a definition

Language and cultural mediation involve the ability to create a basis for effective communication between two people or groups of people who are from different cultural backgrounds but have a shared goal or project. It is also vital when translating from one language to another and thus forms the foundation of all services provided by EuroTrad.

What does a language mediator do?

A language mediator enables two or more people or groups of people to fully understand each other.

Interpreting plays a fundamental role in intercultural language mediation. Making spoken communication between two parties possible is the main task of a language mediator.

A professional language mediator must also be able to explain the different cultures so that the parties involved have a greater mutual understanding.

How much does a language mediator earn?

A professional language mediator earns around 1,200-1,400 euros per month in Italy, while an early-career language mediator can expect to earn around 900 euros per month.

Where can you work as a language mediator?

Language mediators can work in a wide variety of settings depending on their academic background. And what do you study as part of a language mediation degree? Mainly dialogue interpreting, translation, language mediation theory, computer science, as well as legal and linguistic theories.


Language mediators specialised in interpreting can find work as:

  • interpreters for public institutions and international organisations;
  • interpreters for national and international non-governmental organisations;
  • negotiation interpreters;
  • conference interpreters.


Language mediators specialised in digital media can work for:

  • the public relations and customer service departments of international companies;
  • international web marketing and social media management companies as cultural mediators;
  • international press offices.


Language mediators with specific technical skills in the tourism sector can work for:

  • Tour guide companies;
  • Tour operators and travel agencies;
  • Tourism promotion entities as consultants;
  • Italian and international public bodies;
  • Museums and trusts;
  • Theme parks;
  • International cultural and art event organisers.

Language mediation for businesses

Corporate language mediators tend to handle international relations between a company and its international business partners, suppliers, and customers.

Their work is crucial when people from countries with linguistic, cultural, religious, and historical differences come together to negotiate.

Why is language mediation so important for businesses?

Business negotiations that take place between international companies tend to involve significant economic interests. The failure or success of these negotiations can have major implications on the future prospects of companies.

Corporate language mediation is important because it facilitates the achievement of business objectives by overcoming cultural barriers that could cause embarrassment, tension, or hostility between the people involved.

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