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Where to register a new business abroad?

where to open a company abroad

Starting a business overseas is something lots of Italian entrepreneurs would love to do. The lack of bureaucracy and specific incentives are just some of the top selling points. But which countries make it easiest to start doing business abroad?

How do you establish a company abroad?

Founding a company abroad is a complex process but “streamlined” legislation introduced to attract investments has made it possible to start operating in just a few days.

Getting a visa is the first step on your journey towards obtaining the necessary licences you’ll need to start doing business in a foreign country.

Another legal requirement for doing business in many countries is the establishment of a physical office in that country, which will also act as the administrative headquarters.  Once this requirement is met, a company can also apply for tax residency.

In addition, you’ll need to make sure some business activities actually take place in the country in question. Even people intending to operate entirely online will need one physical administrative office. Your company will be domiciled for tax purposes wherever your operating headquarters are based.

The best places to start a business

Several countries are laying the legal and tax groundwork required to attract new entrepreneurs from all over the world to their borders. Here are some of the best places for start-ups.

In Europe

If you’re wondering where it’s easiest to start a business, you needn’t look much further afield than Europe. Georgia is one of the strongest emerging countries in Eastern Europe. It has established a series of laws to protect entrepreneurs and shareholders intending to start businesses within its borders.

It’s also much easier to do business in Ireland than in Italy, for example. In fact, you’ll find that corporate taxes are incredibly low there, at just 12.5%. Ireland also offers excellent government incentives for start-ups in emerging business sectors.

The rest of the world

They may be on opposite sides of the world, but Canada and New Zealand are some of the more convenient places to start a business. Canada offers a very high quality of life and plenty of tax protections for businesspeople. Meanwhile, New Zealand has plenty of market niches that haven’t yet been saturated, making it the perfect place for a new potential venture.

Starting a company abroad: why you need to have your website professionally translated

Starting a business abroad is only the first step toward attracting new customers. Building a captivating website that works well is a vital next step to exporting your new brand image abroad. Your website texts will need to capture the attention and trust of new customers.

As such, you will need to write content that fits in well with the culture and foreign country in question. This is no mean feat, and you’ll also have to consider things such as which date format and currency to use if you’re going to have a chance of establishing direct, transparent relationships with your new potential customers.

At EuroTrad, we have been offering professional website translation and localisation services for many years now. Our professional team translates texts for the web into all major foreign languages and also has excellent SEO skills to boot. Get in touch for a quote today!

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