From quotation through to the finished project

Once we have received your acceptance of our terms, your project is immediately signed over to one of our Project Managers. The Project Manager then seeks to assign your project to the native-speaking translator best suited to your specific sector and does so, providing the translator, with instructions and specific sector glossaries, as well as any glossaries or reference material you may wish to provide. The PM’s job is to constantly monitor the progress of the job and to interface with you and the translator whenever necessary. The PM manages the checking and editing stages of the job before delivering it by the agreed deadline, in the format requested, which includes DTP and insertion in the format required by the client.

The steps of the translation process

  1. Request from the client – Each request is processed within fast turnaround times.
  2. Management by a Project Manager – Once our quote has been accepted, your project is then assigned to one of our Project Managers.
  3. Definition of a glossary of specific terms – Glossary or specific sector glossaries are used to ensure consistency throughout the translation.
  4. Translation by a native-speaking translator – The professional translator is selected on the basis of field and language.
  5. Editing by an expert in the field (where necessary) – An expert will edit the translation to ensure consistency and guarantee quality.
  6. DTP, creation of the format required by the customer – We can carry out the actual desktop publishing (DTP) required for manuals and catalogues or simply provide the text in the format you require.
  7. Proofreading – We offer a proofreading service, by one of our in-house staff, to assure you a consistent text and a complete document, in case of DTP carried out by others.

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