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SEO (search engine optimization) is a way to boost your profile on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. The higher your ranking, the better the profile of your website. There are different ways to optimize a website in a foreign language and make it “appealing” to search engines, with a higher rank that will boost visibility internationally. SEO stands out for the strategies used to position a site in Italy, even if the major approaches are the same: the search for key terms, optimization of content, and back linking.

The localization of a website offers your brand or business the opportunity to reach new markets and the possibility to be competitive through your site internationally. It is commonly believed that English is the most used language on the Internet; in fact it is only the fourth. What we do know is that consumers are much readier to trust a website that is written in their own language.

Think how many languages are spoken in a multi-ethnic, fragmented country such as the USA. If you create a Spanish language website, you will be able to reach markets in Latin America, Spain and also the USA, where many inhabitants speak Spanish. Or different types of language within the same language framework, such as Spanish or Chinese. And idiomatic changes that can make a difference, above all when targeting communication precisely so it is dedicated to the geographical area of reference. This could be of an enormous benefit  to companies, especially when seeking to become established in different areas outside Italy.

Another benefit comes from considering that search engine algorithms often operate according to position. If we look at Google’s geo-targeting tools, the search engine seeks to understand where one resides by looking at the IP address and the website.

The optimum solution lies in the perfect combination for both targets, country and language. Then, with a careful search of the reference market, we will have the data to define the areas best suited to bring your company success. This data is used to focus energies and create localized websites for the areas of interest.

Eurotrad is able to offer you this very important service.

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