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Software localisation is essential if you are planning to sell your software abroad.  This is a complex task that should only be performed by a specialised professional.

What software localisation entails

In practice, software localisation involves modifying an interface for use by users who speak a different language to the one used to create the original software interface.  Translating interface texts is not enough: the operation is very complex and there are precise rules to follow.

The main factors to take into account when localising software are:

  • the direction of the text (Hebrew and Arabic are written from right to left);
  • date and time formats;
  • currency used in financial transactions;
  • censorship limitations in a given country (censorship laws vary greatly between China, Japan, and the United States);
  • general culture of the target country (which could require specific communication conventions);
  • graphic elements, which will probably have to be modified to match the target text.

localizzazione software

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Who can I contact to localise software and apps?

Software and app localisation needs to be performed by specialised translators who also have programming skills so that they can respond adequately to specific needs.

Translation agencies

Requesting an app or software translation from a translation agency such as Eurotrad is the best choice when you need to localise software in multiple languages. Translation agencies work with a network of translators specialised in many different language combinations.

This will allow you to request all of the localisation services you require from a single provider, without having to rely on several different people. This can also help keep costs to a minimum and ensure that the quality of your translations is high across all language pairs.

Machine translation

Online machine translators can generate target texts, but translating texts automatically often falls short as User Experience is the basis of good localisation.

Software localisation costs

As with every translation task, software localisation costs are influenced by several factors, such as the level of complexity of the interface to be translated and the distance between the source and the target language.

It is also worth remembering that apps and software often use very technical terms (just think of apps that can identify plants and flowers, which use specific botanical terms). The need to translate technical or sector-specific language can also raise localisation costs.

In short, software programs all have different characteristics and features that require a specific approach.  Request a no-obligation free quote from Eurotradand find out more about our translation services.

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