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Subtitling: the world’s most popular form of audiovisual translation

Foreign language subtitles are lines of text that accompany audiovisual content and translate dialogue between characters. Foreign language subtitles allow international audiences to fully enjoy audiovisual content, including all the nuances of the original language version.

While traditional subtitles are used to translate voice-overs and/or dialogue, closed captions are used to describe additional ambient noises for the deaf and hard of hearing, so that they can enjoy an experience as close to the original as possible.

The benefits of subtitling

Subtitles seek to widen the potential audience for audiovisual content at a lower cost than dubbing. Videos are the most widely used, shared and practical form of audiovisual content. As such, companies and professionals who decide to focus their communication strategy on video content – with the addition of foreign language subtitles to improve performance – are making a very smart move indeed

What’s more, subtitles allows users to watch multimedia content without the audio, which can come in very handy, particularly when travelling on public transport or walking outdoors, etc., thereby improving accessibility of the content in question. When produced correctly (respecting certain grammar rules and character limits), subtitles can be a very powerful tool to internationalise content and to promote certain concepts, values and atmospheres in video format.

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Subtitling is a lot more complex than it may seem. Professional subtitlers have to juggle a variety of factors, in addition to translating dialogue. They have to comply with strict character limits, which often require them to modify dialogue. They also have to translate puns and niche references, which require a great deal of experience and cultural awareness. At EuroTrad, we only work with professionals who offer subtitle translation services that go above and beyond customer needs and expectations.

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