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traduzione giurata e asseverata

Sworn (or certified) translation

The only way to ensure the legal validity of documents abroad

Companies and business activities are becoming more and more international. Both companies and individuals are increasingly finding themselves in need of various certificates and documents abroad. However, some situations call for more than a simple and effective translation. Often, a translated document is not legally valid without asseveration of certification.

That’s why Eurotrad offers sworn translation services, which we carry out according to the procedures of the country of reference with the utmost precision. And in order to do so, we rely on the support of a network of highly specialised mother tongue translators with excellent knowledge of the relevant legal systems.

We also take care of all bureaucratic procedures, including delivery of the official translation in person at our offices, by post or by express courier.


Legal validity


What is a sworn translation?

A sworn (or certified) translation maintains the legal validity of the original document. In order to obtain said validity, the translator is required to take an oath in court before a judge or in the presence of a notary, ensuring the certified translation’s compliance with the original document (the source document with the target document).

This type of procedure is indispensable when translated documents are requested by institutions abroad, such as vehicle documentation, qualifications, notary deeds (sale and purchase deeds, wills, donations), medical certificates and corporate deeds. Certified translations are also essential for court documents (such as judgments or criminal records) in order to ensure that the translated document retains the legal validity and effectiveness of the original document.

Sworn translations include

Noi di Eurotrad ci teniamo alla soddisfazione dei nostri clienti, per questo offriamo un servizio che comprenda la traduzione di diversi tipologie di documenti quali:

Registration documents


Notarial deeds

Medical certificates

Company deeds


Penal certificates


Deeds of sale

Our certified and sworn translation services

There is no professional translator or interpreter register in Italy, meaning that the only pre-requisite to complete a certified translation (apart from being over 18 years old) is knowledge of the source and target language.

However, twenty years of experience have taught us that certified translations are no simple matter. This sort of document is often highly technical and specific (such as various types of deeds, certificates and contracts, etc.).

That’s why Eurotrad carefully assesses the skills of its professional certified translators in order to select the most suitable person for the job. We always choose translators who are experts in their field, but who also possess an in-depth knowledge of the legal system of the country in which the translation is to be used.

We know that these measures are vital in order to offer truly accurate translations, while guaranteeing that they comply with all procedures required by the country requesting certification.

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