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Transcreation: creative translation

Transcreation or ‘creative translation’ is the act of re-writing marketing and communication content for a specific community or culture. Transcreation can be used on anything from brochures to leaflets, press releases, market research, questionnaires, promotional texts and websites. The aim is to generate the same emotional impact in the target language as in the original language.

Creative translation ensures that translated messages are equally effective in all chosen markets. The word ‘transcreation’ is a combination of the terms translation and creation. As such, it’s both more complex and precise than simple translation. The term was coined by marketing and advertising professionals with the aim of identifying a new way of translating, specifically with marketing in mind.

Take your business abroad with transcreation

Growing your business by promoting your products and services abroad is also referred to as ‘internationalisation.’ To succeed, you need a precise, powerful marketing strategy curated using certain criteria, all while making use of specialised translators who can convey your original brand message with the same impact in another language.

During the transcreation process, marketing content is localised to render it accessible to a target audience. Of course, it’s not only language that changes from country to country but also the culture. As such, Eurotrad begins by re-formulating the original message so that it speaks to the target audience, making sure to use cultural references that are relevant to the target population.
Transcreation allows companies to convey the style, intent, tone of voice and emotional salience of the original message to a target audience. With a team of translators specialised in over 70 languages, Eurotrad is able to overcome any language barrier.

Every message packs a punch with Eurotrad

Advertising campaigns use many different tools, from websites to brochures, social media marketing, catalogues, questionnaires and market research. All of these elements play a key role in a company’s marketing strategy, but only when used effectively.
At Eurotrad, we know that a badly conveyed message is an ineffective one. As such, our team also contains marketing experts able to make the most of transcreation and ensure your message packs a punch, whatever the language.

Tailored services for all customers

When it comes to client advertising campaigns, our goal is to take a concept in one language and convey it perfectly in another. Before getting started on the translation process, our first port of call is to garner an in-depth understanding of the message and its intended purpose. Thanks to our close working relationship with our clients, we’re able to generate effective, creative translations. Our working process relies on continuous feedback and cooperation with our clients to ensure we provide that ‘human’ touch.

Translation – it’s what we do best!

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