Translating contracts into English is often necessary and is an extremely delicate task if you want to ensure they maintain their legal validity. Here are our top tips for the perfect translation.

traduzione contratto in inglese

When to translate contracts into English

Contracts need to be translated into English when:

  • the contractors have different mother tongues;
  • the contract sets out international trade relations;
  • the contract needs to be submitted to court in a country where English is the official language.

Who should translate contracts into English?

Contracts are technical documents containing specific terms ranging from the legal to commercial fields.

In addition, contracts almost inevitably contain technical expressions relating to the specific sector in which the contractors operate.

As such, you should enlist the help of a professional translator to translate your contracts into English. In addition to possessing the necessary linguistic expertise, your translator will also need to be familiar with legalese and the technical jargon used in your contracts. This will prevent you from running into translation errors that could void your translated contract.

Three tips for effective translations

A good contract translation should accurately reflect all aspects of your legal or business contract. But what’s the best way to go about the process?

Avoid false friends

Words in different languages that closely resemble each other but have different meanings are called false friends.

You must avoid false friends in legal and commercial translations. Every term needs to be accurately translated to avoid misunderstandings or potential legal repercussions.

Use the “right” type of English

English is one of the most commonly spoken languages on the planet and has different peculiarities in each of the countries in which it is an official language. Effectively translating a contract into English involves using the English spoken in the target country, e.g., the one used by the company, spoken by one of the two contractors, or used by the court that will be reviewing your contract.

Explain untranslatable terms

It is not uncommon for contracts to contain expressions that cannot be translated into English. In these cases, your translator will have to use longer expressions or add sentences to render concepts understandable in English.

Contract or agreement: which word should you use?

In English, there are two terms to describe a professional or commercial agreement between two parties, and you must use them correctly.

A contract is an official agreement while an agreement is more informal and is not always legally binding.

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