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Translating reviews written by customers staying at a hotel may seem redundant but can present a lot of opportunities. Here are all the reasons why you should pay close attention to your business or hotel reviews.

Why is it so important to translate reviews?

As businesses and accommodation facilities such as hotels and B&Bs go digital, an increasing number of users are turning to the web for information, such as when booking a hotel or purchasing a specific product or service.

Consumers are increasingly relying on online reviews written by other users before taking the plunge.

As such, translating reviews into multiple languages is a great way to entice potential customers from all over the world.

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How to translate reviews

Translating hotel, restaurant, or business reviews might seem pretty straightforward. Reviews tend to be short and have simple syntax. Most users only write a couple of lines when reviewing a hotel, service, or product.

As these reviews tend to be concise and act as their own form of advertising, it is very important to translate them in the most accurate, fluent, and appealing way possible.

Machine translation

Business owners often rely on machine translation to do the job. Machine translation software can translate multiple reviews very quickly.

It is worth remembering, however, that machine translators (especially the free ones you find online) improve with use by users. This means that the greater the number of texts translated online, the better they perform.

As a result, machine translators work fairly well with popular languages but often fall short when the source or target language is not widely spoken. In these cases, the worst results often occur when translating colloquial expressions, slang, or niche figures of speech.

Translation agencies

Translation agencies such as Eurotrad can handle translations between multiple different language combinations. This means that you can request a translation from English to Italian or a translation from Italian to English, which we always entrust to native English translators.

Considering that most reviews for Italian accommodation facilities and businesses are written in Italian, translations will most likely be required from Italian into another foreign language.

At Eurotrad, we offer professional translations in numerous language combinations thanks to our extensive network of native translators. Your company’s reviews will be translated quickly yet accurately, ensuring your business is well advertised. Request a quote online or contact us to find out more about Eurotrad’s translation services.

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