At Eurotrad, we have been dealing with translations for over 20 years and, as always, our goal is to offer customers services tailored to their specific needs. Thanks to our experience, we know that one of the most complex and important aspects of a task is the use of the most appropriate terminology and jargon for the sector of reference. A correct but “irrelevant” translation could have serious consequences for the company that uses it. A pharmaceutical company website that uses non-technical terms (or, worse, incorrect technical terms) in its product descriptions may be viewed as unreliable by its visitors, with clear damage to its brand that could easily have a negative financial impact. We are aware of these risks, which is why we only use translators with proven expertise, specialised in various sectors. It is thanks to them that we are able to offer high-quality translations in the most varied areas of expertise.

Translators highly specialised in their subject area

Our strength undoubtedly resides in the professionalism of our employees: a large network of mother tongue translators, located all over the world and specialised in various subject areas, thanks to whose expertise we are able to offer high-quality translations in a variety of different sectors. Pharmaceutical translations, for example, require a great deal of attention to the use of terms and definitions, as do scientific translations. For this reason, we only entrust these tasks to professionals who have proven knowledge of the necessary technical/scientific language. The same attention to terminology and technical details is also necessary for sworn, certified, legal and court translations, for which we exclusively rely on the support of translators who are highly competent in the legal-administrative sector.

A totally different but equally important approach is required for translations relating to the advertising and marketing sector. In this instance, it’s necessary to have a good knowledge of the sales dynamics of the sector of reference, as well as the target audience of the communication in question. A similar argument can also be made for more specific areas, such as the fashion and luxury goods, food and wine, tourism and art and design sectors. Each of these areas adopts its own language and communication style, which must be respected during the translation process, so as not to diminish the effectiveness of the original message. Particular attention to terminology is also very important for financial translations, which is why we entrust these tasks to highly skilled translators in the field, so that they can better understand the content of the text and re-create it in the target language as best possible. Completing the wide range of sectors are technical translation services for the information technology sector, also made possible by a team of mother tongue translators who are consulted depending on their compatibility with text’s specific characteristics.

A few of our clients…

As a testament to our reliable services, here is a selection of companies that have used our high-quality translation services, belonging to a wide range of sectors: from the pharmaceutical sector (such as Ibsa Farmaceutici, B. Braun, Excemed, Astellas, Becton Dickinson, Coloplast) to advertising (Neosoft, Acanto Comunicazione, Omniaweb, SYMBOLS, Creare Valore, Edita), the world of cosmetics (Bottega Verde, Arval, Soco, Kosmetical, Laboratori Cosmetici, Eurostyle), tourism (Turismo Torino, Turismo Alpmed, EDITA, Eden Viaggi, Regione FVG, BCool), fashion (Ballerette, Comart, Coin, Fashion Group, OVS, Peuterey), manufacturing (Prinoth, Osai, Fidia, Emmebi, Trasmec, Omas, Tvs) and engineering (Commerciale Tubi Acciaio, Fonderia Marchesi).

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