When it comes to translation, choosing a style most appropriate to the text type is the first step in the process. In order to do so, it’s necessary to identify the purpose of the original text and to focus on the target audience, without neglecting the channel used to convey the message in question. This is the only way to appropriately approach the task. When it comes to this sort of task, it’s certainly not a good idea to use software to translate texts in a cold and automated way. Human contribution makes all the difference. That’s why Eurotrad only uses mother tongue translators and proofreaders with proven reliability, competence and specialisation. It is thanks to them that we are able to offer a complete translation service in all sectors, keeping the spirit of your texts alive.

Adapting language to the text type

We know that offering linguistically flawless translations to our customers is not enough. Our final goal is to guarantee a service that is able to adapt language and terminology to the content and context in which the message will be conveyed.

When processing a text, using a certain linguistic style can be perfect when it comes to translating documents and completely inadequate, for example, when translating advertisements. With the former, it’s necessary to fully understand the content of the document, the purpose for which it was written and the intended user. While for the latter, marketing skills are required, as well as a thorough assessment of the product or service, the manufacturing company and its advertising style. Nothing can be left to chance. That’s why, thanks to a large network of professional translators in Italy and abroad, we work with the customer to tackle the purpose of the text to be translated. Only then do we entrust the task to the most competent professional.

We are also very careful to evaluate the characteristics of each page and its function when translating websites. Depending on your needs and your target area, we can suggest the best solution.

Another area that requires adaptations depending on the customer’s aims and the relevant target audience is the app and software sector. In our increasingly digital and interactive world, making sure your products are usable in multiple languages will help your business to grow exponentially. We also have the resources necessary to ensure a professional and complete result for this type of task, which starts with the careful analysis of the terminology required and the original text’s purpose in order to achieve an effective translation.

Our services include the translation of video games, PC games and videos. It’s definitely not a good idea to disregard in-depth knowledge of the product, the company and the relevant target audience in this sector. Translating video games for children requires very different skills to those necessary to translate a strategy game. A funny video should not be translated using the same linguistic style intended for a corporate promotion video

A high level of professionalism, an empathetic approach and wide range of personalised services is what characterises our agency and make our translations perfect for all your needs.

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