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Automotive sector translations fall within the field of technical translation. In today’s globalised marketplace, the car industry depends heavily on suppliers and international partners for the design, assembly, and sale of their vehicles.

As a result, the sector often needs to have documents, websites, and other types of content translated from a source language (spoken by the automotive parent company) to several target languages (spoken by the relevant automotive markets).

Translation services for the automotive industry: an overview

Automotive sector translations are required in several areas: from designing and producing to selling new vehicles.

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Translations can prove invaluable in the automotive industry as they often facilitate effective communication, both internally  (between specialists in different countries, for example) and externally (between sellers, customers, and business partners).
In addition, the automotive industry often requires translations for a wide range of commercial reasons, including press releases, conference and presentation texts, brochures, catalogues, websites, as well as user, maintenance, and safety manuals.

The target audience

Automotive translations are primarily useful for car manufacturers. These companies coordinate very long production chains that travel through several countries before reaching the final customer.
They can also be of assistance to industries that manufacture components for the automotive sector, who may need to draft and translate technical and legal documents to accompany their products.

The challenges associated with translating for the automotive industry

As with other technical translations, one of the primary challenges one can face when translating for the automotive sector is working with highly specialised language. As a result, it is essential that translators translate technical terms accurately, especially those found in technical data specifications, instruction manuals, and sales contracts.
When it comes to commercial translations for the automotive industry, accurately conveying the brand image and values of a car manufacturer can prove exceptionally challenging for a translator. These translations must reflect the brand’s unique identity and market presence, adding an additional layer of complexity to the task at hand.

What sorts of documents usually need to be translated?

The technical and legal documents that are most often translated for the automotive industry are:

  • patents and the related rights;
  • certifications
  • contracts
  • purchase and warranty regulations
  • projects
  • manuals
  • press releases
  • catalogues and brochures
  • websites

Due to the intricate nature of the automotive industry, we recommend enlisting the services of professional translators with expertise in the field, such as the native-speaking translators with whom Eurotrad collaborates.

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