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Do hotel translations have an impact on sales? There is only one right answer to this question: 100% yes. In fact, holiday homes and resorts thrive when they manage to attract international tourists and pitch themselves as important destinations to visit.

It is therefore necessary to win over international customers using tailored sales techniques.

The characteristics of great tourist translations

Texts produced by hotels to promote their accommodation tend to vary greatly and have particular characteristics. Texts range from restaurant menu translations to the translation of brochures listing all the extras offered by the hotel and nearby places of interest. A separate discussion should be dedicated to translating websites for holiday rentals or tourism agencies because texts translated for the web have different requirements than those intended for print.

Texts written for the tourism industry must be both persuasive and evocative as they often form part of a sales, communications or marketing strategy.

All these elements must be preserved in the target translation. As such, it makes perfect sense to entrust tourism translations to professionals who are specialised in the sector and can capture the evocative and persuasive intent of the source text.

Translations for hotels and how they differ: brochures and websites

As previously mentioned, brochure translations play an important role in the tourism sector. These texts are generally quite short and contain a lot of information. As such, the translation must be equally as short and boast a fluid, pleasing and convincing writing style.

Hotel website translations have to respect more than a series of linguistic rules. In addition to being flowing and persuasive texts,  web translations need to be SEO-optimised so that they appear at the top of search engine results generated by Google, etc.

Finally, translations must be localised to ensure all idioms and cultural references are understandable to international users so that they know what to expect when they arrive at their holiday home or resort.

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