Translating video games and PC games is the best way to encourage users to play them abroad

The video game industry is flourishing, both in Italy and abroad. Children and teenagers, but also very often adults, dedicate many hours a week to this sort of entertainment on PCs or games consoles. And it’s happening all over the world.

Translating texts for video games to put on the market is therefore essential if you are aiming to target an international audience. It is very unlikely that an Italian game will succeed in conquering the Japanese market (and vice versa) if the company has not translated and localised the game’s text, interface, and all the visual elements necessary to offer a convincing and engaging gaming experience to users from different geographical areas.

When it comes to countries where the game’s original language is not spoken (usually the majority), if a translation (in the form of dubbing or subtitles) is missing, as well as the localisation of visual and text content, sales will most likely suffer. That’s why at Eurotrad, we also offer video game and PC game services, ensuring the careful analysis of content and its correct localisation.

Video games: accurate content translation and localisation

What makes a video game exciting, and therefore “successful”, is a well-combined set of elements. One of the most important elements is the dialogue spoken by the characters, as well as the way in which the story and setting are described. And let’s not forget the information and instructions needed to proceed through the game itself. That’s why a simple translation, even if done well, doesn’t always suffice.

PC and video games often require game localisation services. The translator must adapt texts to the target culture in order to make the game as enjoyable as possible for its intended audience. And all of this must be done without violating the company’s original intentions, and while remaining as faithful as possible to the video game’s original spirit.

Impeccable translations thanks to mother tongue translators and advanced software

We have been working in the translation sector for over twenty years and our experience has taught us that complex tasks cannot be entrusted to randomly selected translators. It is necessary to identify a mother tongue professional who, in addition to mastering the two languages involved in the process, also has an in-depth knowledge of the two cultures involved. And of course, you also need someone who is familiar with the world of video game entertainment, its genres and all the jargon that goes with. A set of skills that Eurotrad knows how to identify quickly and precisely thanks to its vast network of mother tongue translators.

It’s also worth mentioning that in order to facilitate video game translation, we provide our translators with assisted memory software to ensure consistency and the correct use of terminology, as well as glossaries and specific dictionaries, so as to further guarantee reliable game translation services.

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