Voice-over is a technique used to apply the voice of a “speaker” (announcer, actor, radio presenter) to an audio visual product, without this voice being directly associated to the image of the person on screen. Voice-overs are used for advertising, audio books, promo videos, documentaries, and TV programmes.

See more about our voice-over and sound services using professional Italian and international native speakers and dubbing artists. We have a firmly established network of specialist partners which has allowed us to work in audio production and post-production for years. Eurotrad offers you a quality service in line with your needs in this field and we can take care of every stage of production, from voice casting to language acquisition and on to project finalization, guaranteeing maximum efficiency for the finished result.

Eurotrad not only offers you you translations, but also a full range of audio services to boost your market presence and open up new business opportunities.

Speakeraggio professionale

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