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Lots of students want a career in languages, and the field offers several professional and personal opportunities. Whether you’re about to start your degree or have just graduated,

you’re probably asking yourself: what job can I get with a language degree?

Modern language job opportunities

Knowledge of a foreign language is useful in a wide variety of fields, including cultural mediation and teaching. The choice depends on your personal preferences and aspirations.


Working as an interpreter requires you to have a very high attention span, good stress resistance, and an excellent capacity for improvisation.

Interpreters can specialise in one of several interpreting techniques, including whispered interpreting, negotiation, and simultaneous interpreting. As an interpreter, you can also choose to work for an organisation or as a freelancer on a self-employed basis.

Cultural mediator

A cultural mediator must have strong language skills and cultural awareness. This is because they often work in close contact with vulnerable people and on lengthy bureaucratic procedures. Besides having a good knowledge of languages and cultures, a cultural mediator should also be able to demonstrate empathy.

Language teacher

Teaching is one of the most traditional professions for modern language graduates. Thanks to recent technological and digital developments, it’s now possible to use alternative means of communication such as Skype, Zoom, or social networks to offer lessons, significantly expanding the pool of potential students.


Translation is another major career path you can take if you have a degree in modern languages. If you want to become a translator, we recommend specialising in a particular field, so that you can take advantage of your language skills and specialist expertise.

High-paying jobs for language graduates

Once you have established what you can do with your language skills, the next thing to consider is which jobs offer the best salary.

The best jobs tend to allow you to be employed permanently, for example as a language teacher or as an international cultural mediator for large associations, such as the UN. Working in import-export companies and translating documents, licenses, and contracts can also be very rewarding.

However, the job market is extremely dynamic and new professions are always popping up. You could even live in a city and work as a tour guide offering unique, tailor-made guided tours for small groups, for example.

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