Customer reviews

  • "I first contacted Eurotrad through friends. I was struck by their fast, friendly reply, prompt quote and efficient services. I would recommend Eurotrad for its professionalism and expertise. I would recommend that they offer new initiatives and activities to become even better known."  
  • "I think that one of the best things about Eurotrad is the fact that it offers excellent quality and value for money which, combined with the friendly, helpful staff, make this one of the most competitive agencies in its field."  
  • "Eurotrad has been Vitri Frigo’s trusted supplier since before I started with the company. Its professionalism, fast turnaround times and excellent customer assistance, especially in the post-layout stages, are definite strong points. That’s why I recommend our friends at Eurotrad to everyone."  

    Roberto Micheli Vitri Frigo

  • “I got to know about Eurotrad through a company that was already one of its clients. I was immediately impressed by their competitive prices, which convinced us to choose Eurotrad over all the other quotes we received. Then, we were soon able to appreciate their friendly service and the quality of theirwork. I think these are qualities that many appreciate and which are sought by a host of other companies. My recommendation for our friends at Eurotrad would be to make the specific glossaries of terms most used in their documents available to customers.”  

    Silvia Gallia Fidia

  • "Eurotrad stands out for the quality of its services and fast turnaround times, especially with last-minute rush jobs. We have an excellent relationship with the staff, who are always ready to help. I would recommend Eurotrad to anyone: it’s a dynamic, friendly agency that provides quick quotes and translations. I am really satisfied with our working relationship and I hope my friends at Eurotrad continue on this path."  

    Carla Verdoia Ferrino

  • "I work with an international foundation and we often need documents translated quickly and accurately. We also use a lot of interpreting services in Italy and the rest of the world. The quality of the services is very good, as can be seen from the positive feedback we receive. The costs are reasonable and the staff are very helpful as well as providing prompt replies. They are always ready to find you the best possible solutions, even when it comes to costs. I have worked a lot with the interpreters provided by Eurotrad and I have always had positive experiences of their punctual, top-quality service."  

    Giovanna Rossi Excemed

  • "I found out about Eurotrad through a colleague; we needed an urgent translation service and he recommended them. What impressed me right off was the flexible, professional approach of the staff. They made sure to provide the best possible translations, choosing the style that would best suit our clients’ needs. I am happy to recommend Eurotrad for these reasons: the fast, excellent service, precision, and competitive prices."  

    Ann Bray Tracy Polimoda

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