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Mother-tongue translators

Native speaker translators: specialized translation services

Our team follows you through all stages of translation development, from terminology research and glossary preparation to publication, up to revision and proof-reading.
ISO 9001
ISO 17100
ISO 18587

Our translators

Harness the power of global communication with Eurotrad

At Eurotrad, we work with professional, native-speaking translators with specific expertise in different fields to provide a quality translation service that will help your company communicate effectively in all the world’s languages.

We can count on an extensive network of specialized and experienced translators. Our professional linguists are all native speakers, which ensures that the texts for your business are translated authentically.

THE selection

With the right words you can communicate your business to the world

Eurotrad helps you reach your audience in more than 150 languages by giving value to the message you want to get across.

How we select translators

Our native language translation experts are selected by us through a standard selection process in accordance with ISO 17100 certification.
For example, our resources have a recognized university-level qualification in translation or 5 years of professional translation experience
full-time. In addition, all our translators have translation, linguistic and textual, technical, cultural and semantic skills.

We also use machine translation software but always under the supervision of the “human” eye of our native translators
because we believe in human value in order to provide high quality translations. [GP1] In addition, each translation job is assigned to the translator
based on the business sector and knowledge required. For example, the translation of a scientific text will be taken over by a translator
with specific expertise in the field
We also have generalist translators who work on documents that do not require special vocabulary.
On the other hand, if your business sector requires specific knowledge, we will assign you a translator in line with your market area.

We understand that translating does not mean simply changing words from one language to another, but that during the translation phase it is essential to
take into consideration local cultures, social, political, economic and religious factors along with different dialects and local slang to produce
the best translated content.[GP1]Integration

Native English translators

We know that English is among the most widely used languages in the world and that there is great demand for translations to and from this language.
Whatever your target audience, you will most likely want to consider translating your documents, website, or advertising emails into English.

You should know, however, that knowing English is not enough to be able to translate to or from it. First of all, British English is not the same as American English
just as both differ from, for example, the English spoken in Canada or other countries. This is why, when our native speaker translators
are preparing for an English translation, we pay attention to your foreign target market, entrusting the translation work, for example
to native-born British or American English translators, depending on your business needs.

This is because we at Eurotrad know how crucial localization of your business is when tackling professional translation work,
so that any content generated is contextualized with respect to the user’s own linguistic context who will be reading that specific text.

Native translators for the most in-demand languages

At Eurotrad, we can translate any written or spoken content or document into a wide range of foreign languages.
We take the source material and translate it into the target language you need, thanks to our professional native translators.
The most common languages we work on are, for example:

  • Translations into and from English
  • Translations into and from French
  • Translations into and from German
  • Translations into and from Spanish
  • Translations into and from Chinese
  • Translations into and from Arabic
  • Translations into and from Japanese
  • Translations into and from Korean

Main types of native language translations

Do you have text to translate into different languages for your business? Our network of professional mother-tongue translators covers more than 150 languages, and at Eurotrad we offer translation services carried out by specialized translators for different business sectors. Whatever your need and target market, with Eurotrad’s services you can have quality translated texts ready to go. These are some of our areas of expertise:

  • Technical translations
  • Financial translations
  • Pharmaceutical translation
  • Website translation
  • Advertising translation
  • Video translation
  • Scientific translations

THE selection

Careful selection and expertise in the service of linguistic perfection

We offer layout and localization services in a Pc or Mac environment, using major graphics software