Financial translation: a task that requires professionalism and precision

The globalisation of the economic-financial market has resulted in the translation of private and public company financial documents, and, in some cases, texts belonging to private individuals, which are often fundamental. When it comes to this sector, the most commonly used language is English, the “official” language of the financial and economic world, but requests for translations into other languages are not uncommon.

Globalisation has led to an increasing number of companies with offices, shareholders and stakeholders in countries abroad, which ultimately results in the need to translate financial documents into other languages. A requirement also necessary due to the establishment of European and international tenders, for which translated company financial statements, business plans and other financial documentation is often requested in the reference language.

Eurotrad has been dealing with economic translation for years and knows that offering an impeccable service involves grappling with various different factors. Professional translators, punctual deliveries, accurate and convenient services and confidentiality. Thanks to our in-house team and close-knit network of mother tongue translators, we can guarantee you complete, fast and convenient business translation.

Our financial translators: guaranteed professionalism and specialisation

Financial translations are obviously often very technical in nature. In order to obtain quality results, it’s vital to carefully consider the choice of financial translator for the job. The individual must be a professional who knows the subject in depth and is able to perfectly employ specific subject terminology in both languages involved. He or she must also be up to date with financial regulations, which often differ from country to country.

At Eurotrad, thanks to over 20 years of experience in the world of translation, we have access to a vast network of collaborators, all professional translators, who are experts in a very wide variety of fields and are located all over the world. It’s thanks to our database that we are always able to identify the most suitable translator for the job in a short space of time and with extreme precision.

The entire translation process is monitored by an in-house project manager: from the choice of translator, to checks carried out by an auditor or expert in the field, and to your final approval.

Our additional services: tailored dictionaries and advanced software

Terminology is perhaps the most complex aspect of business translation. Often equal or similar terms have, in some cases, different meanings depending on the sector in which they are to be used.

At Eurotrad, we deal with all types of financial documentation, such as:

  • company budgets
  • reports and financial articles
  • notes to financial statements
  • economic and financial analysis
  • business studies
  • auditing reports
  • chamber of commerce certificates

In order to facilitate and speed up the work of our financial translators, we provide them with a range of support tools: not just assisted memory software for consistency and terminology, but also glossaries, specific dictionaries, etc. If necessary, we can also discuss the creation of additional dictionaries based on your indications and preferences.

Translators specialised in the financial sector, over twenty years of experience, attention to customer needs, but also convenience and confidentiality. This is what makes Eurotrad the perfect choice for high-quality financial translation services with a quick turnaround.

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