Professional video translation services: rendering your multimedia content comprehensible abroad

Video content is becoming increasingly popular on the web. The immediacy with which videos can convey a message means that they are highly appreciated by users, who far prefer them to written texts, especially when first browsing a website. That’s why an increasing number of companies are choosing to include a decent amount of video content on their web pages, as well as on corporate blogs and social media. Naturally, given that video content can be viewed all over the world, translating it is vital. Otherwise, the opposite effect might be obtained, with companies waving goodbye to a large proportion of their target market. That’s why at Eurotrad, we also offer our customers professional and customisable video translation services.

Our video translations: a solution for every need

Video translation and transcription is very complex and can be structured in different ways depending on your requirements. In order fully meet our customers’ needs, before doing anything else, at Eurotrad, we take the time to listen to your ideas and intentions. Together with the customer, we then assess the desired outcome, as well as any specific preferences.

For example, some videos are more effective if reproduced in the original language. If this is the case, we take care of the video transcription and translation, before creating subtitles in the requested languages, altering language and text length according to the destination country. If, however, your video is already equipped with subtitles, we directly proceed with translation and subtitling services, ensuring that we adapt subtitles to the target language by correctly localising speech.

We also offer dubbing services. In this case, we translate the video, ensuring that the speech matches the timings and tone of the video it will be used with. In order to guarantee a complete video translation, we also offer a professional voice-over service, in order to assist you with all necessary tasks by delivering a product that is ready to be uploaded online.

Punctuality, continued support and competitive prices

Thanks to over twenty years of experience, at Eurotrad, we know that in order to offer a quality video translation service, perfect knowledge of the two languages involved won’t suffice. In fact, it is also fundamental for the translator to understand the tone of the video and to convey it in the target language, adapting it to the culture of the country of reference and localising it. That’s why we have developed a very close network of collaborators all over the world, thanks to which we are always able to quickly identify the most suitable video translator for the job.

Furthermore, our extremely efficient production process allows us to carry out tasks quickly and without wasting resources. Our in-house team oversees every stage of the process up until your final approval. The combination of these measures allows us to offer impeccable video and subtitle translation services with quick turnaround times at very competitive prices.

If you would like more information or a tailored quote for our video translation services, please get in touch using the form below. We will reply as soon as possible with answers to any queries.

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