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Video translation

Video translation services

Professional video translation services to make your multimedia content engaging abroad.
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Video translation

Video Translation

Here at Eurotrad, our video translation services help make your multimedia content clear and impactful to an international audience.

To help you reach your customers abroad, our professional video translations encompass a complete range of tailor-made solutions for your business. We support you from the beginning of the project all the way to quality control. With our team of native translators, no important information will be lost in the video translation process.

We also provide voice-over, dubbing, and transcription services for all the major language combinations.

With our translation services, you get high-quality translated videos that communicate effectively with your target audience.

Online video content has never been more popular. The immediacy with which videos convey a message makes them highly appreciated by users, who greatly prefer them to written word, especially on their first visits to a website.

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Video translations in all languages

How do we guarantee the quality of our video translation services? By working exclusively with native translators, experts who are specialized in the industry or field to which your video applies.

Our team of native speakers are also specialized in writing and translating video subtitles, dubbing, voice over, and translating video content and transcripts.


Our video translation services

Translating video is a complex process that can be structured in various ways depending on your specific needs. Our video translation services are geared to the type of multimedia content you bring to us.

Video transcripts

If your video needs subtitles in another language, the ideal solution are our video transcription services. Available for translations into all our language combinations, this service gives you quality subtitles for all your media content.

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Translation of subtitles

If your video already has subtitles, we can proofread them for quality before localization them with our subtitle translation services.

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Does your video need to be of film or TV quality? At Eurotrad, we also offer a dubbing service. We can replace the original audio of your digital content with a tailored translation, then lip-sync the audio with the actors in the video.

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Professional voice-over services

If your video is for marketing purposes or is documentary, our professional voice-over services are just what you need. We first transcribe and translate your video content, then overlay the audio recording of the translation so that your video is ready to go in another language.

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Why Eurotrad

Speed, ongoing support and competitive prices

With our two decades of experience, we at Eurotrad understand that offering a quality video translation service calls for more than just in-depth knowledge of the two languages involved. It’s crucial that the native translator assigned to the task be able to grasp the video’s tone and transpose that tone into the target language, localized to the culture of the target audience. That’s why we’ve built a vast network of expert native speakers around the world, ensuring we can quickly find the most suitable video translator for every job.

Plus, our highly efficient production processes enable us to work fast without wasting resources. Our in-house team of project managers monitors every stage of the job until your final approval. All these measures enable us to give you flawless video translations, both quickly and at highly competitive prices.


The success stories

We support companies and entities globally with our unique energy and professionalism in projects.

With Eurotrad, we can count on service that is always efficient and qualitatively very good. The staff is available to meet our every need, reliable even for the most demanding translations — such as legal ones — and always comes to our aid when we ask for delivery in really tight deadlines. A valuable, professional, and punctual partner.

I got to know Eurotrad through a company that was already their client. I was immediately impressed by the competitiveness of their prices, which convinced us to choose them among other offers. Later, we appreciated their helpfulness and quality of their work. I believe these qualities are widely appreciated and sought after by many other companies. I recommend that our friends at Eurotrad make glossaries of the most commonly used terms in their documentation available to clients.

I got to meet Eurotrad after talking to a colleague of ours, we were in urgent need of translation services and he recommended us to turn to them. I was immediately impressed by the flexible and professional approach shown by the staff, combined with their attention to providing the best translation, choosing the most suitable style to satisfy our clients. I recommend Eurotrad for these reasons: excellent service, fast, accurate, at a competitive price.


Do you have questions about our services?

What language combinations is video translation available for?

We provide video translations into more than 100 languages, but we’re particularly specialized in European languages. To see all our language combinations, click here.

How can I get a cost estimate for video translation services?

To request a quote, click here.

You can also send your request to or call us at +30 0722 4272, and we will get back to you right away, no obligation.

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