Legal translation: the importance of correctly understanding and translating legal terminology

It’s certainly no secret that legal jargon is difficult for non-professionals to wrap their heads around. More often than not, specific skills are required to fully understand the expressions used in legal texts. Precision and accuracy are therefore vital for correct law translations. The first step is to use translators who not only fully understand the two languages involved in the process, but also have a thorough knowledge of the subject matter and the legal system of both countries involved.

A legal translator tailored to your needs

At Eurotrad, we have been dealing with translations for over 20 years and know that in order to offer a complete and professional service, it is essential to devote extreme attention to every single task involved in the process. Legal translations are among the most complex because they require a variety of different professional skills. For this reason, we believe that the first step is to analyse the text to be translated together with the customer in order to fully understand its purpose, the legal sector in which it is to be used, and any particular additional needs (urgency, confidentiality, legalised translation, etc.).

Once this phase has been approached with care, we can move on to choosing the most suitable person for the job. It will, of course, be a native speaker who is perfectly at ease with the source and target language. A legal translator, in fact, must have a professional knowledge of the subject matter, as well as excellent knowledge of the legal system of the country in which the translation will be used. Thanks to our close-knit network of native collaborators located all over the world, we are certain that we can select the perfect professional for the job, from court documents to contracts, legal advice, regulations and standards, etc.

Impeccable translations, with quick turnaround times

Our aim is to offer you a complete legal document translation service, relieving you of any burden. That’s why we have created an efficient and speedy process that guarantees impeccable results without wasting time, resources or energy. Once we have selected the most suitable translator for the job, an in-house project manager will oversee the entire process: from professional translation to proofreading, to document layout and any relevant checks. It’s only once we have completed all of these steps, along with a final check, that the text be delivered to you by email, post or courier.

Competent and experienced collaborators and translators, supported by advanced technological tools (assisted memory software for the consistency and correctness of terminology or graphics software for layout editorial product layouts), allow us to guarantee impeccable legal translation services, with quick turnaround times.

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