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French is one of the most geographically widespread languages in the world. Millions of French speakers are located all over the globe in French-speaking countries, where it is classified as an official language. Beyond France, the largest concentration of French-speakers can be found in Canada, but it’s also listed as the official language of a few countries in South America, North and Central Africa. And there’s also no lack of French offshoot communities in Asia and Oceania. The fact that the French language is so widespread has resulted in various country-specific linguistic variations. Of course, culture also plays a part in influencing the French language, as it does for American and British English. Attempting to get your head around every specific linguistic variant is a complex task and one that only native-speaking professional translators are truly equipped to tackle. Because translating from French isn’t about producing a literal translation that corresponds to the original text, it’s about fully understanding the meaning of the original message and the target audience in order to deliver a professional French translation that doesn’t alter the text’s original meaning but, rather, adapts it to the target audience.

Eurotrad: a multi-service agency

Eurotrad is not just a translation agency. We offer far-ranging services linked to the whole sphere of communication. In fact, translating a message from one language to another, without paying attention to grammar, syntax and layout, is only a job half done. Our additional services come into play once a French mother-tongue translator has produced an impeccable translation. Although knowledge of the language is key, a certain awareness and understanding of the source text’s intended message also comes into play, and our collaborators are located all over the globe and ready to put their skills to use. What’s more, translations nearly always need to be proofread, and at Eurotrad, we are able to meet those needs thanks to our in-house editing team, composed of expert proofreaders. We also make use of a team of professional graphic designers, who can create striking layout for customer content.

A tailored customer approach

When a customer gets in touch with us, we start by listening to their specific needs. French mother-tongue translations can serve many purposes, be them business-related, or for the advertising, technical and scientific sectors. In each case, we start by talking to our customers in order to ascertain their primary communication objectives. In this sense, French to Italian translation (or vice versa) – as well as English to French, German to French and Japanese to French translation – involves a lot of teamwork. We progress step by step, maintaining an empathetic approach towards our customers and their individual style. It’s takes years of experience to perfect this technique, and at Eurotrad we have a good 20 years under our belt, allowing us to put our skills at the service of our customers in order to best meet their translation needs.

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