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Editing and proofreading

Proofreading and editing services

Editing and proofreading services for all types of content in a range of industries. You can rely on our quality and expertise
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Editing and proofreading

Editing and proofreading: for content you can rely on

At Eurotrad, we offer editing services for every industry and field. Our team of expert native translators and proofreaders is by your side, ready to support you in editing and translating your content in over 50 language combinations.

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Editing and proofreading services, quality you can rely on

Editing and proofreading are cross-checking processes to ensure the terminology and style of a text are accurate and effective in every way. A professional, detailed editing service compares the translated content against the original source text to ensure there are no omissions or other errors in translation.

At Eurotrad, we provide complete, tailor-made editing and proofreading services for your specific industry.


Our complete range of editing services

Editing and proofreading can be broken down into various types. Here are the types of editing we can provide as part of quality control process.

Style editing

Style editing improves the consistency, clarity, and fluency of a text. It includes harmonizing the tone of voice, writing style and usage for more effective and impactful content.

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Content editing

Content editing focuses on consistency, completeness, and fluency of a text. Our skilled editors ensure that the text has a logical, organized structure and that all information is presented accurately.

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Technical editing

Technical editing applies to content of a technical nature and focuses on verifying that the information provided is accurate. This type of editing is crucial to avoid errors in documents that require a deep understanding of complex, highly specialized topics.

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Copyediting is a detailed check of the linguistic and grammatical accuracy of a text, including aspects such as the use of appropriate vocabulary and proper syntax.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) auditing

For online content, SEO auditing focuses on optimizing the text for search engines such as Google. This includes selecting and implementing the best keywords to maximize performance on search engine results pages (SERPs).

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Translation editing

When it comes to editing documents translated from another language, the editing goes beyond basic grammar and syntax. It also involves checking the translated text against the original source text to ensure the translation is technically accurate and the style and tone match the original and are appropriate for the target culture.

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Legal editing

Legal editing applies to legal documents and ensures compliance with applicable laws and the clarity of contract clauses. This is essential in order to avoid ambiguities and misinterpretations.

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Marketing editing

Marketing editing focuses on the efficacy and impact of marketing copy and aims to optimize your content so that it achieves your objectives for the international market.

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Why Eurotrad

Communicate effectively beyond language barriers

We offer the best translation services to meet all your needs and ensure the success of your multilingual online content. With our expert native translators, you get quality results to maximize the efficacy of your digital marketing strategy.


The success stories

We support companies and entities globally with our unique energy and professionalism in projects.

We have been working with Eurotrad for a couple of years now, and we are very happy. We have worked with several agencies in the past, but since working with EuroTrad, our texts come back to us faster and with higher quality. Even short-term requests are handled quickly and to our utmost satisfaction. Eurotrad employees are reliable, fast and always extremely friendly. I can recommend EuroTrad (and have done so on several occasions)!

I got to meet Eurotrad after talking to a colleague of ours, we were in urgent need of translation services and he recommended us to turn to them. I was immediately impressed by the flexible and professional approach shown by the staff, combined with their attention to providing the best translation, choosing the most suitable style to satisfy our clients. I recommend Eurotrad for these reasons: excellent service, fast, accurate, at a competitive price.

I got to know Eurotrad through a company that was already their client. I was immediately impressed by the competitiveness of their prices, which convinced us to choose them among other offers. Later, we appreciated their helpfulness and quality of their work. I believe these qualities are widely appreciated and sought after by many other companies. I recommend that our friends at Eurotrad make glossaries of the most commonly used terms in their documentation available to clients.


Do you have questions about our services?

What language combinations are your translation services available in?

We translate into more than 100 languages, but we’re particularly specialized in European languages. To see all our language combinations, click here.

How long does editing or proofreading take?

It depends on the length and complexity of the text, but we have very fast turnaround times. For up to 7 pages (1540 words), we can guarantee delivery within 24 hours. Contact us for an estimate, and in just a few minutes we’ll let you know how long your project will take

To request a quote free of charge, click here

How can I get a cost estimate?

To request a quote, click here.

You can also send your request to or call us at +30 0722 4272, and we will get back to you right away, no obligation.

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