The importance of translators
who understand and know how to use the right terminology

When it comes to technical language translations, a very good command of the two languages involved in the translation process is not always enough. Technical translation also requires a very specific set of skills in the subject area in question, including the correct use of technical language. Regardless of the text to be translated (manuals, catalogues, product sheets with technical specifications, instructions, warnings, handouts, software manuals, specifications, user guides), the only way to get an accurate and reliable translation is to use qualified and specialised translators. At Eurotrad, we are well aware of this fact, relying on a network of reliable mother tongue translators specialised in various sectors. Creating high-quality technical language translations is a complex process, and as such, we pay the utmost attention to every stage of the process, which doesn’t simply end with the delivery of the translation, but with your assessment of the final result.

Finding the right translator for your technical translations

The first step when it comes to high-quality technical and scientific translations is identifying the most qualified translator for the job. Thanks to our close-knit network of mother-tongue translators, we are able to offer highly professional results in a variety of different sectors (such as advertising, pharmaceutics and finance, etc.). The chosen translator will be able to understand and correctly use the technical language found in the source language and apply it to the target language. We will also work with you to create tailor-made multilingual glossaries in order to guarantee impeccable translations.

Technology supporting human expertise

Another key factor in obtaining high-quality technical translations is the need to maintain the text’s linguistic uniformity, a vital aspect of technical document translations for products that are updated periodically, while maintaining the same overall characteristics. To this end, we support our translators’ expertise with efficiency and modern assisted-translation software.

Our technical translation services

We have been working as a technical translation company for over 20 years, allowing us to gain a wealth of experience in the sector and also to bring together a team of ever-expanding translators, located all over the world and specialised in a wide variety of subject areas. This is why we’re confident that we can offer you the perfect solution for your needs: from technical manual translations, to instructions, catalogues and data sheets, from warnings and handouts to technical documents of all kinds. We translate both individual technical manuals and texts for entire product ranges, guaranteeing uniformity in style, as well as correct translations. Depending on your needs, we can also provide you with translations in single language combinations or multiple language combinations. A large group of ever-expanding mother-tongue translators, the use of the most advanced technology, twenty years of experience in the business and a passion for what we do. All of this and more ensures that we can offer you a complete, accurate and professional service.

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