Certified translation: when a translator’s self-certification suffices

You may find that certified translation services are required in order to obtain certain services from foreign institutions. In some foreign countries, in fact, unlike in Italy, there are legally recognised translator associations, whose translations are classified as ‘certified.’ For this reason, you may find that a foreign administration requires a translation that’s not sworn, but rather ‘certified.’ In this instance, it will be a relief to know that the complex and expensive procedure required for sworn translations is not necessary, and all that suffices is a self-certification from the translator.

Official document translation: what does ‘certification’ really mean?

The certification process is, as previously mentioned, a lot simpler and less expensive than the sworn translation process. First and foremost, court and revenue stamps are not required. Moreover, in Italy, although some translator associations do exist, there is no official register, meaning that there is no formal requirement of any kind for an Italian translator to carry out a certified translation. All that’s required is that the translator make a declaration attesting the fidelity of the translated text to the original one, assuming responsibility for the work his or herself. This is also known as a self-certified translation, to which the translator’s personal and contact details are attached in order to ensure that he or she is identifiable and available. Naturally, the translator must also sign a declaration.

Our certified translations: guaranteed quality

The simplicity of the certification process compared to that of the sworn translation process does not, however affect the quality of the translation itself. In fact, certified translations are usually requested for documents that fall within the sphere of private law, which can be very complex to understand and translate. These include certificates, instruments of incorporation, company by-laws, chamber of commerce certificates, meeting minutes, contracts, reports, accounting documents, negotiations, etc. Many of these deeds, although not requiring an oath, are intended for use in legal or administrative sectors and therefore require a faithful translation, performed by an easily identifiable professional.

At Eurotrad, we are well aware that translations of this kind require specific language and terminology and it is therefore essential that the translator has a perfect command of said terminology. It is also important that the document be entrusted to a professional who has an in-depth knowledge of the language and legal system of both the source and target countries. That’s why we carefully evaluate the experience and skills of our mother tongue translators, opting for those who have professional experience in line with the document subject and type.

A complete and personalised service

Alongside the professionalism of our mother tongue translators, at Eurotrad, we also pay close attention to our customers’ needs. That’s why we offer a series of additional services, such as layout, proofreading and editing services, guaranteeing a complete and professional end product.

We monitor the entire translation process, from the choice of the most suitable translator to the delivery of the document in person or by post, guaranteeing you complete confidentiality regarding the content of the document in question.

Our main goal is to meet your needs, so before proceeding with the task, we take the time listen to your preferences and the purposes of the translation. It is only through a personalised approach that we are able to offer satisfactory and tailored official translation services.

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