Professional English to Italian and Italian to English translation

Creating high-quality English content is vital for those looking to internationalise their business. One pertinent example is the use of Anglo-Saxon language in advertising, with English terms now commonplace in Italy. English is the key to broadening business horizons and getting messages across to a much wider audience. In addition to marketing and communication, English is also the official language of the science and technology world. Manuals and innovative research reports can be universally appreciated when written in the same language. However, there are many different ways to go about the translation process, and often a text can lose its effectiveness if the task is not approached in the best possible way. That’s why we only use professional Italian to English translators to guarantee excellent results.

Our agency’s approach to Italian to English translation

At Eurotrad, we are well aware of the importance of preserving a text’s communicative intent from one language to another and we are not fans of machine translation and mathematical algorithms.

A key aspect of the translation process lies in the localisation and contextualisation of content for users. That’s why decent translations require the use of mother-tongue translators, who collaborate with us both in Italy and abroad, depending on customer needs. When it comes to English to Italian translations, we work with a group of fellow mother-tongue Italian professionals, while going in the opposite direction involves a few additional aspects. It’s vital to collaborate with English mother-tongue professionals in order to offer an accurate service that fits well into the target audience’s cultural context.

English linguistic combinations and variations

Localisation is very important when it comes to translating from English to Italian. The same can also be said when translating from Italian to English, but a number of other key factors must also be taken into account.

English is spoken by 400 million native speakers around the globe and is the official language of 23 countries. The language has many different variations, including American English (United States and Canada) and British English (United Kingdom). When effectively conveying a message to two different target audiences that speak the same language, familiarity with the relevant culture is key, as it can often influence how content is interpreted.

The English language has Germanic and Latin roots

English is an Indo-European language, whose varied vocabulary is comprised of various Latin (French, in particular, following the Norman occupation in 1066) and Germanic influences. These influences help to shed light on the English language’s wealth of paired synonyms, such as: spear and lance, opening and aperture, freedom and liberty, come and arrive.

As a lingua franca, English is continually influenced by other languages and new foreign terms. With over 490,000 words currently in use, as well as 300,000 technical terms, there’s no doubt that English has the largest existing vocabulary worldwide.

That’s why a professional translation from Italian to English can only truly be mastered by a native translator who has a handle on the various nuances that come with such a wide vocabulary.

So much more than translation: make the most of Eurotrad’s additional services

Selecting the best professional English translator for the job is our primary aim. But it is not the only service we provide. In fact, once a translation has been completed, texts often need to be reviewed and corrected as part of the proofreading phase. It’s important not to overlook this stage, which is why we have an in-house editing department to handle the task.

If necessary, we can also help with document layouts, a task carried out by our team of graphic designers. Ultimately, it’s our ability to deliver excellent results that sets Eurotrad apart from the crowd.

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