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Content Proofreading Services

Add more value to your content with our professional proofreading services.
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Proofreading that Makes the Difference

Our proofreading services are available in all language combinations and, when necessary, with urgent deliveries. This activity is carried out on files or even directly online in the case of reviewing or revising website content. Our proofreading services are entrusted to knowledgeable and experienced professional translators with experience in various business sectors.

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All Our Proofreading and Editing Services

The term “proofreading” refers to the correction of draftswith the goal of detecting any typing errors, repetitions, missing parts, and spelling and grammar mistakes. In this post-translation check stage, there are no terminology checks and we do not work on the vocabulary unless there are glaring and easily identifiable mistakes. Therefore, there is no intervention on the content or stylistic tone. Below you will find a few examples of content on which we can support you with our proofreading services.

Proofreading for Press Releases

Press releases are a fundamental tool for promoting your company. Accurate and error-free drafting of these documents is crucial to ensure that the message being communicated reaches the reader effectively. Imagine a press release that captures the attention of the media, conveying your company’s narrative persuasively. With our proofreading and translation services, we ensure that every word accurately reflects your content, thereby increasing your visibility and positive perception with the international target audience.

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Proofreading for Legal Documents

Legal documents are a rather sensitive type of business content. An interpretation error or an ambiguous sentence could have significant consequences. Our specialized proofreading services ensure that every term is translated and expressed accurately, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and legal disputes. Investing in the revision of legal documents is an important step that every company should consider.

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Proofreading for Marketing Content

Brochures, product pages, and advertising announcements are the showcases of your company. Well-written and error-free text conveys professionalism and attracts attention. A good proofreading service ensures that marketing materials created for your company are even more effective. Therefore, it is worth investing in the revision of this type of documents, both to stand out and keep up with your industry competitors.

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Text Editing for Technical Manuals

Technical manuals provide clear and detailed instructions on the use of your company’s products or services. An accurate translation for the international markets and careful proofreading services are essential to ensure that the instructions are correctly understood, thereby reducing the risk of misunderstandings regarding the use of a product or service.

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Proofreading for Websites

A website is the digital showcase for most businesses. Accurate translation (before) and proofreading (after) are essential to ensure that your message is correctly understood in every target language. A website free of errors conveys reliability and professionalism. Opting for content proofreading services for your website is a crucial step in expanding your presence globally and reaching new business markets.

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Why Eurotrad

Make your texts unique worldwide with Eurotrad!

We offer the best online transcription services to meet all your needs and ensure the success of your content. With our professional translation, you get quality results and maximise the efficiency of your communications.


The success stories

We support companies and entities globally with our unique energy and professionalism in projects.

Eurotrad has been a trusted supplier of Vitri Frigo since before I was hired. Their professionalism, short turnaround time for commissioned work, and very high level of post-layout customer service are their strengths. For these reasons, I recommend that everyone turn to our friends at Eurotrad.

Certainly Eurotrad’s greatest asset is their value for money, which combined with the great availability and constant support of their staff makes the company among the most competitive in the field.

With Eurotrad, we can count on service that is always efficient and qualitatively very good. The staff is available to meet our every need, reliable even for the most demanding translations — such as legal ones — and always comes to our aid when we ask for delivery in really tight deadlines. A valuable, professional, and punctual partner.


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In which languages/language combinations is proofreading possible?

We carry out proofreading and editing in more than 100 languages. To see all our language combinations click here »

How much does the proofreading service cost?

The cost of proofreading depends on several factors such as the language combination or the size of the content to be translated.

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Otherwise, send us a request to or call us on +39 0722 4272, we will get back to you immediately, without obligation.

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