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Portuguese is spoken in a number of far-reaching geographical areas. It is, in fact, the official language of Brazil, as well as many Central African countries, without forgetting various offshoots in the East. The language’s widespread nature can be linked to colonial expansion, which started in Portugal between the fifteenth and the sixteenth century, before spreading across the globe.

With around 240 million speakers worldwide, Portuguese is the sixth most commonly spoken language in the world and the number one most commonly spoken language in the Southern Hemisphere. Moreover, among Latin-derived languages, it comes second only to Spanish. Portuguese has various linguistic variants, and Brazilian Portuguese is one of the more detached variants, with both semantic, grammatical and phonetic differences. In fact, there is a much greater difference between the two variants than there is between British and American English.

This aspect must be taken into consideration when approaching Portuguese to Italian translation services, which must be tackled on a case-by-case basis depending on the target country and audience. In fact, one very important aspect of the task involves localisation, while the text must also boast a consistent style and preserve original meaning, a task that only professional mother-tongue Portuguese to Italian translators are able to achieve.

A rapidly growing market

The bulk of the Portuguese-speaking world’s population is concentrated in Brazil. The huge South American nation, with over 200 million people, is home to almost 85% of Portuguese speakers and represents an important market undergoing a strong economic boom, with an increasing demand for consumer goods.

For an Italian company intending to expand its business in this growing country, communication is vital. And the only way to do be successful is to translate content well. In order to get high-quality results, it’s vital to make use of professional Brazilian Portuguese translators, who are specialised in this particular linguistic variety.

So much more than Italian to Portuguese translation

Eurotrad has been working in the market for over 20 years and can boast proven experience in the translation field. We truly understand customer needs and can deliver concrete results thanks to our collaboration with mother-tongue professionals.

But a translation into Portuguese, even when carried out perfectly, isn’t always enough to make your content stand out. In some cases, layout can also be very important, too. That’s why Eurotrad also offers layout and proofreading services, thanks to its in-house editing team composed of professionals able to master a wide range of graphics and proofreading tools.

In addition to translation services, we can also arrange interpreters for our customers. In fact, our professional network is very knowledgeable and is trained in some of the most common interpretation techniques, such as simultaneous, consecutive, negotiation and whispered interpreting. Available for conference calls, business meetings, negotiations and events, they are equipped to put their proven professional skills to work.

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