Competent mother tongue translators for your information technology texts

In order to fully understand the tools and skills necessary for an effective information technology translation, it is first necessary to understand what the sector entails. When talking about “information technology” (or more frequently “IT”), we’re referring to the set of tools and equipment used to store, retrieve, send and manipulate data. These are usually tools used in the context of economic-commercial activities and are now very widespread.

The IT sector (and the services dedicated to it) involves more than just computers. It also entails hardware, software, the internet (and therefore web pages) and various tools and equipment, etc. The information technology and services sector involves a wide variety of fields: from translations relating to apps and PC games, to those related to the mobile and landline telephone industry and everything to do with the web. It is therefore a hugely important and internationally widespread sector with a high demand for IT-specialised translation agencies.

Our strength lies in specialisation

The wide distribution of information technology and services doesn’t make translating industry texts any easier. In fact, it often involves extremely technical content that requires an in-depth knowledge of the product or service. An ability to localise content and knowledge of technical terminology, both in the source and target language, is fundamental when translating IT texts into another language.

For this reason, Eurotrad entrusts its information technology and services exclusively to mother tongue translators who, in addition to having perfectly mastered the two languages involved in the translation process, also have a professional knowledge of the relevant service or product. What’s more, in order to facilitate the work of our collaborators, we provide assisted memory software for consistency and correct terminology, as well as glossaries and specific dictionaries, thus offering an additional guarantee of reliability.

An efficient and complete translation process

As with any sector, when it comes to information technology and service translations, Eurotrad’s main goal is customer satisfaction. Thanks to our twenty years of experience in the industry, we know that the only way to achieve this is to offer an impeccable, complete and personalised service, while guaranteeing convenient prices and fast delivery times.

That’s why we have created a very efficient work process, which is overseen by an in-house project manager, who makes sure to check that all of your requests have been fulfilled. Once we have carefully selected the most suitable native translator for the job, we proceed with the translation, followed by proofreading and layout services. If you’ve not requested any additional services (such as a graphic layout), the text will be sent to you for your final approval. Only once your approval is obtained is our work complete. The careful choice of translators, the optimisation of time and resources and attention to our customers’ needs allows us to offer technically flawless IT translation services, in a short space of time and at low prices.

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