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Labels and packaging

Professional Food Packaging Labels Translation Services

Boost the effectiveness of the food labels and packaging of your products with our specialized, professional, and fast labels translation services.
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Labels and packaging

Packaging Translation Services: Effective Internationalization of Your Products

Thanks to large-scale distribution systems, your company’s food products can be sold in Italy as well as abroad (provided they comply with the foodstuffs regulations in force in the importing country). To make your goods ready for export to countries other than Italy, you will need to translate the text present on your product packaging. In this regard, Eurotrad offers food packaging and labels translation services.
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Food Labels Translation Services: Aspects to keep in mind

Translating the packaging for the products you sell requires, first and foremost, significant attention to detail. This means considering aspects that go beyond the language, such as local regulations and consumer preferences. Our translation agency can master this task through a combination of linguistic skills and the Eurotrad team of translators’ specific knowledge of the food sector.
We offer nutritional information labels translation services for food labels in compliance with the specific regulations of each country and ensure that the translated directions for use are clear and understandable. At the same time, we focus on the persuasive appearance of the packaging, ensuring that the overall message duly conveys the spirit of your brand.


All translated documents for labels and packaging

At Eurotrad, we care about our customers’ satisfaction, which is why we offer a service that includes the translation of different types of documents such as:

  • Nutrition labels
  • Operating Instructions
  • Advertising slogans
  • Local regulations
  • Ingredients and allergens
  • Promotional packs


The Variety of Text We Translate

Opting for professional food labels translation services for various types of texts in the food and packaging sector is not just a matter of linguistic conversion, but a strategic decision that can significantly influence the global growth of your business.

Nutritional Information Labels Translation Services

We ensure that nutritional information is accurately translated and adapted, taking into account local regulations. This not only ensures regulatory compliance but also helps to boost the reputation of your company on the international markets.

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Directions for Use Translations

We translate food directions for use in a clear and concise manner, ensuring they are easily understandable in all target languages. This approach improves the end customer’s experience as well as avoids misunderstandings when using the food product.


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Advertising Slogans Translations

To preserve the brand identity of your company, we ensure that the effectiveness of any slogans on your food product packaging is maintained during translation. An accurate translation of the advertising ensures that your message is clearly and powerfully conveyed on a global scale.

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Translation of Local Regulations

As previously mentioned, to avoid legal issues for your company, we also ensure that the packaging of your food products complies with the specific regulations in force on each target market.

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Translation of Ingredients and Allergens

Of course, our food labels translation services also include the translation of ingredients and allergen warnings. Such attention to detail not only protects consumers but also highlights your commitment to providing transparent information about the products you sell.

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Promotional Packaging Translation Services

To increase the positive impact of your special offers at specific times of the year, you can request our customized food labels translation services to catch consumers’ attention across the globe. Boost the effectiveness of your promotional sales campaigns with the translation services offered by Eurotrad.

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Why Eurotrad

Make your labels and packaging unique worldwide with Eurotrad

We offer the best label and packaging translation services to meet all your needs and ensure success for your business. With our professional translation, you get quality results and maximize the efficiency of your communications.


The success stories

We support companies and entities globally with our unique energy and professionalism in projects.

Eurotrad has been a trusted supplier to Vitri Frigo since before I was hired. Their professionalism, short turnaround time for commissioned work and very high level of post layout customer service are their strengths. For these reasons, I recommend that everyone turn to our friends at Eurotrad

I got to meet Eurotrad after talking to a colleague of ours, we were in urgent need of translation services and he recommended us to turn to them. I was immediately impressed by the flexible and professional approach shown by the staff, combined with their attention to providing the best translation, choosing the most suitable style to satisfy our clients. I recommend Eurotrad for these reasons: excellent service, fast, accurate, at a competitive price.

What is striking about Eurotrad is the quality of services and speed of delivery, especially last minute. Excellent relations with the staff, always available in assistance. I recommend everyone to work with Eurotrad: a dynamic company, always available, quick both in the work estimate and translation phase. I am very satisfied with our cooperation, I wish the friends of Eurotrad to continue on this path.


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We translate into more than 100 languages. To see all our language combinations click here >>.

How much does translation for the label and packaging industry cost?

The cost of a translation depends on several factors such as the language combination or the size of the content to be translated. To request a quote click here >>.

Otherwise, send us an inquiry to or call us at +39 0722 4272, we will get back to you right away, no obligation

How can I ask for an estimate?

To request a quote click here >>.

Otherwise, send us an inquiry to or call us at +30 0722 4272 and we will get back to you right away, without any obligation.

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