Prioritising scientific precision and accuracy

A pharmaceutical translation requires maximum scientific precision and accuracy. The greater the accuracy of the information translated into the target language, the less risk of the user interpreting information incorrectly. An incorrect translation can have an incredibly negative impact on the person taking the drug, as well as on the image of the company operating in a field as sensitive as the medical one.

We offer reliable translations thanks to specific databases
and professional mother tongue translators

At Eurotrad, we are well aware that an accurate and professional pharma translation requires much more than a perfect command of the source and target language. In this sector, an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter is indispensable, allowing the translator to convey information in a clear and entirely unambiguous manner. Knowledge of sector jargon and terminology is certainly not to be overlooked.

We are able to compile a set of specialised terminology not only thanks to our databases, specific to each field (from biological-pharmaceutical to chemical-pharmaceutical translations), but also thanks to the close relationship we build with our customers in order to establish an on-going conversation regarding terminology.

Naturally, only mother tongue translators with consolidated experience who are highly specialised in the pharmaceutical sector have access to our databases. Our linguists are able to fully understand the source text and to adapt it into the target language with the utmost precision. Over twenty years of experience have taught us that these measures lead to high-quality pharmaceutical translation services.

Accurate and personalised pharmaceutical translation

Technical-pharmaceutical translations are required in a large number of fields. We’re not just talking about drug package leaflets but also medical reports, clinical records and drug patents.

When it comes to the field of medical and pharmaceutical research and scientific communication, translations can span various platforms: from medical reports or articles to biochemical and pharmaceutical chemistry texts, and from medical device manuals to medical research.

In the pharmaceutical sector, translating communication and advertising materials (websites, information brochures and marketing material) also requires a high degree of specialisation.

Naturally, depending on the platform used for the translated information, the relevant audience and the text’s intended aims, it can often be necessary to adapt the vocabulary used in order to make the text suitable for its purpose. Even in a technical sector such as the pharmaceutical one, ignoring communicative intent should always be avoided (which may be purely scientific, of a popular nature, or intended for the internal sector only, etc.). We therefore make sure to analyse the text to be translated in its entirety in order to get an accurate picture of your needs. Our highly specialised mother tongue translators will do the rest, offering you quick and accurate translations that are totally in line with your needs.

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