Translating tourist guides: the best way to acquaint an international audience with places of artistic beauty

The tourism sector is probably one of the most important sectors when it comes to translation. Travelling hundreds or maybe even thousands of miles from home has never been as easy as it is today. The only real barrier between those who decide to embark on a journey and their chosen destination is the language. It is therefore essential that institutions, businesses and individuals involved in the tourism sector offer impeccably translated content to their users. The dodgy translation of a website, brochure or a piece of informative material could be fatal for the tourism business. That’s why we handle the tourism translation sector with extreme care, making sure to carefully identify the most suitable translator for the text at hand.

Step number one: carefully assessing your needs

Let’s start with a quick statement: in our eyes, every translated text represents a piece of work in itself. At Eurotrad, we have been working in the translation industry for over 20 years and know that behind every professional job lies an in-depth assessment of the customer’s needs. That’s why our first port of call is the in-depth and complete analysis of the text entrusted to us. Together with the customer, we assess the text’s target audience, its objectives and any additional needs. We also analyse the text’s specific subject area, be it culture, travel, events, sport, hotel presentation, food and wine, eco-sustainable tourism, etc.

And that’s not forgetting the platform on which the text will be produced: the tone used in tourist guides shouldn’t be the same as for a website, for example, which requires very specific attention to optimised keywords in the foreign language. But even when using the same platform, tone may vary depending on the target audience. A website belonging to a town council looking to promote tourism in the local area will most likely adopt a different writing style to that belonging to a hotel or travel agency.

Specialised translators, quality control and additional services

Once our analysis is complete, we are ready to identify the ideal person to complete the tourism translation. We have a wide network of translators located all over the world, who are all native speakers specialised in a variety of subjects. It is thanks to the breadth of our network that we can quickly and accurately find the most suitable tourism translator, who is not only perfectly familiar with the two languages involved in the translation process, but who is also capable of using the correct tone and marketing strategies necessary for the text in question.

In order to further guarantee quality output, an in-house project manager monitors the entire process up to the delivery of the translation and your final approval. In addition to tourism services, we also provide a graphic layout option for Windows and Mac, as well as language support for audio guides and promotional videos, so as to guarantee complete tourism translation services able to satisfy every need.

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