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CEO / Founding Partner

Andrea Catani

I was lucky enough to be able to grow up with two different languages and cultures, Italian and German. My education was essentially humanistic - literary, accompanied by a variety of work experiences but always in the field of languages (translator and interpreter for German television, Italian and German teacher). Then, 20 years ago, I came up with the idea and laid the foundations for our translation agency in my living room, in Urbino. I have always been passionate and dedicated to the business, which has grown hand in hand with the arrival of the Internet and with all of the sweeping changes that the last few years have witnessed. Now, together with an established team, I put my passion and my energies into making our work even more efficient, projecting it into an increasingly high-tech, innovative future. But I never forget the key aspect for which Eurotrad stands out above all: our human touch.

Skype: acatanieurotrad

Account & Project Manager

Caterina Fedrigucci

After a stint working as a financial consultant in the UK, I decided to return to Italy and get back into the game by tackling a new sector: the translation industry. It was a career change that allowed me to maintain a dialogue with the international community. I started out at EuroTrad as an intern, and I’m still here to this day! I am responsible for managing translation projects and taking care of both clients and translators. I’m always looking for new adventures and am passionate about foreign cultures. Here at EuroTrad, you really feel that sense of community! My job allows me to ‘travel’ on a daily basis and ‘meet’ people from all over the world while sitting in front of my computer screen. In my spare time, I like to play volleyball and I’m currently taking a course in the language of business at the University of Urbino.

Email: cfedrigucci@eurotrad.com


Fulvio Menghini

Hi, I’m Fulvio! I was born and raised in Rome, Italy’s capital city, which is perhaps why I’m so keen to get to know different people and cultures. My studies in marketing and economics have afforded me a range of professional experiences throughout Italy. I suppose my desire to specialise in the translation industry was cultivated by my time spent among my grandmother’s olive trees in Umbria. I used to contact brokers, travel from olive mill to mill and try to strike the best, which always left me feeling energised. After completing my degree in economics at the University of Perugia, I chose to enrol on a marketing course at the Carlo Bo University of Urbino. I have been able to apply those same studies and professional skills to my current working environment. I am also a real sportsman. I love to push myself and never say no to a challenge, but I also value the importance of teamwork. I think success relies on individual skills, communication, and teamwork.

Email: sales@eurotrad.com

IT Technician

Marco Ercolani

In my initial years at university, I was lucky enough to take a course in the theory and application of computers, which got me started on IT when I was still involved in studying maths and physics. In those years programming languages were still being studied on terminals with green phosphorous screens, and the first PCs were only just appearing on the horizon. Even working as a science teacher didn’t slow down my computer studies.

After a period working as a systems administration in the University of Urbino’s Data Centre, I am now back teaching IT and I also work with Eurotrad as network, server and desktop systems administrator.

COO / Partner

Andreza Pavani

I was born in Brazil and have had a passion for languages for as long as I can remember. During my teens, as well as studying accountancy, I spent a lot of time learning English, Italian, French and Spanish. In 2000 I came to live in Italy and enrolled at the Faculty of Philosophy in Urbino. I graduated in 2004 and shortly afterwards, I began to work with Eurotrad, first as a project manager, then in administration and marketing, before joining the business as a partner.

Today, what I bring to Eurotrad is my natural curiosity. This is the element that leads me to seek out new paths which will ensure that as a firm, we continue to be at the forefront, maintaining our human touch and our openness to change.

Vendor & Project Manager

Elena De Angelis

I’ve loved foreign languages ever since I was a child. Over the years, that love has evolved into a desire to help others communicate, leading me to complete a degree in Conference Interpreting. That same desire is reflected in my job as a project manager at EuroTrad. I always try to reconcile my client’s wishes with the translator’s professional skills. Each new project presents its own challenges, allowing me to both bolster my professional skills and satisfy my innate curiosity, the same curiosity that drives me to explore new places and discover new music to listen to. In my spare time, you’ll find me with my head in a book, at a concert or with old friends.

Email: edeangelis@eurotrad.com

Project Manager

Giulia Criscillo

Honing my language skills has always been the focus of my interests and my studies, first with a translation degree from the School of Languages and Translation, Forlì, and then with a Master’s Degree in conference interpreting from the École de Traduction et Interprétation in Geneva. My passion is English and foreign languages in general, together with etymology and the great South American writers. I love travel, the sea off Greece, and setting off on adventures -and this last element is not all together unlike what I do at Eurotrad when I start on another new interesting project as Project Manager and reviewer. I am also in charge of interpreting projects.

Email: gcriscillo@eurotrad.com
Skype: eurotrad.giulia2

Team Leader

Maria Pia Mulazzani

I entered the field of translation as an intern in 2000. The vision of the agency was so completely different to my business studies at university that I was completely fascinated. My managerial and organisational skills, together with my interest in languages, led me to specialise as a Project Manager and to invest all of my resources in this job. My aptitude for technology and graphics has also shaped my current position here at Eurotrad. In my free time I like to entertain and cook for friends and family at home and whenever I can, I love to go for long walks on the beach.

Email: mpiamulazzani@eurotrad.com
Skype: mariapia.eurotrad

Vendor & Project Manager

Benedetta Strapazzini

I started at Eurotrad about 6 years ago, working as an intern while at university, and I have been here ever since! I have a degree in English and German translation and I started here mainly revising translation work before gradually moving into the infinitely subtle and patient art of mediation as a Project Manager. Today my job mostly consists of managing quotes, projects and jobs as well as all the unforeseen aspects that my work may involve. When I’m not busy meeting the requirements of clients and translators, I like to spend time with my friends and family, taking care of my small vegetable garden and experimenting in the kitchen. The simple things in life never fail to astound me and in both life and work I try to bring my own personal touch of light-hearted wit to the different situations.

Email: bstrapazzini@eurotrad.com
Skype: eurotrad_benedetta

Admin Office

Federica Porru

Email: amministrazione@eurotrad.com
Project Manager

Giulia Romanini

I’ve always been passionate about languages and graduated from the San Pellegrino University Foundation (FUSP) with a degree in Linguistic Mediation in 2018. After graduating, I decided to get my foot on the career ladder, which is how I ended up at EuroTrad. Thanks to my wonderful job as a project manager, I’m able to cultivate my love for languages on a daily basis by communicating with people from different cultures and countries. This exposure to the world fuels my passion for exploring new countries, which I do as soon as I have a few days off to navigate new customs, flavours and aromas.

Email: gromanini@eurotrad.com

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