Scientific translation: a job that requires highly specialised mother tongue translators

Translating scientific texts is a very complex task that requires the coexistence of various professions. Alongside an in-depth knowledge of the source and target language, a scientific translator must also have mastered the scientific subject matter at hand. The use of adequate technical terminology is fundamental, as is ensuring that the concepts expressed in the original text are correctly conveyed in the target language. It’s obvious that such a task cannot be entrusted to any old translator. It’s necessary to carefully select the person tasked with the scientific translation, evaluating the text’s specific subject matter and then identifying a translator who has relevant professional experience. It’s a very delicate and complex task, but at Eurotrad, we have learned that it is the only way to best meet our customers’ needs.

Choosing a translator: a vital step

In order to make sure we meet every need, we have built a wide network of native translators, located all over the world. Our huge pool of professionals means that we can find the ideal translator for all types of translation in a short space of time, such as:

  • scientific articles and abstracts
  • medical reports
  • medical records
  • scientific reports and research
  • scientific university theses (medicine, pharmaceutics, biology, chemistry, etc.)
  • packaging inserts
  • catalogues and user manuals for medical equipment

The experience we have gained in professional scientific translation services for hospitals, colleges, researchers and medical-scientific publishers, as well as for manufacturers of electro-medical devices and equipment and pharmaceutical companies, makes us highly qualified to assist with your scientific translation.

Thanks to our in-house team, we are able to guarantee precise, quick and efficient scientific translation services. Our project managers take care of your texts, monitoring them throughout the process, and maintaining an open conversation with you in order to ensure that the result is in line with your expectations and needs. Our work is only done once you have given your final approval.

A wide network of mother tongue translators, a prepared and efficient in-house team, twenty years of experience in the field and attention paid to our customers’ needs allows us to offer speedy, complete and tailored professional scientific translation services.

Draft revisions, layouts and tailored multilingual glossaries

The translation of scientific texts is primarily characterised by the use of very specific and technical terminology and jargon. Knowing and using terminology in an appropriate and consistent way is essential. That’s why, in addition to carefully selecting professional translators who are competent in the sector of reference, we also make use of tools that guarantee scientific terminology is correct and up-to-date.

As with all of the services we offer, the work of a scientific translator is followed by that of our in-house proofreading team, which is careful to check for the absence of typos and inaccuracies in the final text. If requested, we can also offer the services of our graphic designers, who can print out documents and carry out final checks.

Furthermore, in addition to translations, we can also collaborate in the creation of tailored multilingual glossaries.

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